The Mana-Kun

The Mana-Kun

Hey, I'm Mitch otherwise known as The Mana-Kun.  My pronouns are He/Him.  Extremally easy to work with and I always meets deadlines on time.

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About The Mana-Kun

Hey, I'm Mitch otherwise known as The Mana-Kun.  My pronouns are He/Him.  Extremely easy to work with and I always meet deadlines on time.



Keys: D1 - D5 

Octaves: 4

Lately, I've been studying Trans voice lessons to create a unique and natural sounding femine voice.  You may see me also audition for female roles.


- Voice Acting

- Script Writing

- Editing

- Lip-syncing (For Abridged Series and Fan-Dubs)

- Digital Art

About Me

I edit and direct my own personal projects and usually am working on those.  However if the project is interesting I'll definitely put my head in the ring.  Super chill and positive.  Feel free to PM me about your project.

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Voice Acting Academy

Instructed by Joe Zieja
RossDraws - Digital Art Bootcamp - 2023

Digital Art Bootcamp

Instructed by RossDraws
Art School for Digital Artists - 2021

Art School for Digital Artists

Instructed by Mark Brunet

I'm able to work for free, But if your willing to pay you can DM me and we can negotiate if the rate isn't set

What The Mana-Kun is looking for

Really just about anything, but it's certainly a bonus if it interests me.  My favorites are Abridged Series and Fan-Dubs as well as anything animation related.  But I'll generally work on just about anything.

  • @nozomibunnievt

    Very Organized can help you make decisions with your project.

  • @soggyusagii

    Turned in lines very quick and way before the deadline! All the recordings were high quality and he even offered to do retakes and was very easy to communicate with and work with! Would love to have on another project.

  • @chris-kalen

    Mana Kun was efficient in his work and communicative despite differing timezones! I recommend him to those who are in need of someone who is flexible

  • @alexsummers

    Mana voices Tuxedo Mask for my project Sailor Moon Another Story The Series. This voice was especially difficult to cast, so when I heard his audition I knew I had to grab him while I had the chance. He has always submitted lines very efficiently, is always professional when interacting both within the group and one on one, and has a wide vocal range that gives him an edge in the VA market, if you ask me.

    Consider The Mana-Kun Moon Star Approved (By Alex)

  • @masterdk

    Really awesome voice talent and it was great to have him on my project, even as a minor role. Would gladly work with him again.

  • @personavoiceovers

    Mana-Kun is a talented voice actor and is a pleasure to work with. If you need a capable male voice in your projects, he's your guy.

  • @lolk0409

    I highly recommend Mitch as an addition to everyone's writing team! He has very good writing skills and had a professional approach, earning him a promotion to "writing supervisor" in my project. He kept everyone engaged at my absence, and would definitely enjoy working with him again!

  • @bbsnypur

    Mitch was great to work with. Knew the character and worked perfectly around that. Lines were delivered quickly and there was a genuine passion for the project. Would love to work with him again. Truly an excellent VA!