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About ynstbih

I am the creator of the mod Summerset Isle. I've worked on it since 2014 and currently it is available on Nexus.
I have worked with around 100 voice actors, and it is my favorite part of modding.

  • @pepperonpages

    Ynstbih cast me in my first voice acting project, and I'm so glad my first job was this specific project with him. He is so kind and welcoming to newbies. He is honest and gives constructive criticism when it is needed, which is SO important for voice actors. He is consistent and concise with what he wants. In conclusion, it was an absolute privilege to work with him.

  • @glenn-bulthuis

    Ynstbih Is exactly the kind of director that I like to work with. Communicative, organized, straight-forward, and puts out a quality product. I did a substantial amount of work for him on his Summerset Isle Mod for Skyrim and I can tell you that he puts in the work on his own end. For those looking to do some work in the modding field, you can't get much better than to be in this guy's roster.

  • @shaka-azule-raheem

    They're diligent, commuted, kind, and aren't afraid to batter the work around to get it right.

    ++ I got my lines in a timely way, and then did them, and than I was done, how fantastical is that?

  • @sara-dunham

    I loved working for ynstbih! He was very straight-forward, provided the lines, direction and extra information where needed or requested and he was incredibly approachable as well. If he ever has any more projects or roles in the future, I'll be sure to audition!

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    I always appreciate a creator/director who is professional and courteous enough to have the work ready to go the instant a casting occurs.

    On top of that: the ability to efficiently explain what is expected of a role, scripts that are easily comprehensible, and a clearly defined deadline make working with ynstbih all the more desirable.

  • @ay-w

    Ynstbih is an outstanding casting director / project creator. Not only did they reply to my messages nearly instantly, but they also had the script ready for me to start working on right away, literally no wait time. They are clear about what they expect and make sure that deadlines are being followed. I would highly recommend ynstbih to anyone who wants to work with an insightful, responsive and down to earth individual who puts their all into their work.

  • @sunshinedaisy

    I was fortunate to get cast in their project "Summerset Isle" for the part of a Nord.

    Communication was easy, efficient and work began right after getting cast. They made sure all of the lines were organized, gave context where necessary, and what I appreciated the most - the lines had direction for emotion, which made working much easier for me.
    They are an approachable director who will answer any question you might have about your work.

    I hope to work with them again!

  • @warden1

    Kind, respectful, organized, and a great communicator. Would definitely work together again. What a fun project.

  • @brycedenton

    Loved working for ynstbih! Incredibly professionally and organized. Knows exactly what he wants and is able to provide clear/concise direction. I look forward to the next one!

  • @tizziq

    Fantastic to work with. Very clear expectations and solid direction. Would highly recommend.

  • @crabtree

    ynstbih was so easy to work with he had amazing speed, and efficiency with every thing he did, the moment I was cast, he had the well written script ready for me to record, Overall it was a joy working for ynstbih every thing was quick and professional.

    Hope I have the opportunity to work with you again!

  • @silly-serpent

    As someone who was relatively new to voice acting, Ynstbih was patient and was able to provide straight-forward and helpful feedback. Ynstbih always responded quickly to any of my submissions or questions. As soon as I was casted, work was given to me right away in organized folders, which is something I really appreciate when working with a director. They are kind, straight to the point and incredibly professional, I enjoyed working with them!

  • @vivianreed

    Very kind and polite to work with! Prompt delivery of the script made completing the role a breeze! Thank you so much, it would be a delight to work together again in future!

  • @meekvoice

    I may not be as eloquent with my wording, but allow me to say it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. They are dedicated and hard working to their craft. 

    In terms of direction and support, they were fully open and fair to taking different approaches with the character(s). And very helpful with feedback to get the desired result!

    I'd be more than happy to work with them anytime!