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About ZVW1995

Hello, I'm Zain Van Wyk, an american voice actor, director, producer, script writer and music composer!

My vocal range for voicing characters ranges from a mid to semi-high pitch. I am currently an active voice actor within multiple non-professional projects, as well as a music composer for said projects as well. 

Most people know me for voicing and portraying my iteration of the 11th Doctor in my Doctor Who based projects as well as other collaborative projects. Along as voicing my 11th Doctor, I recently have voiced a new iteration of The Master, the sworn enemy of the Doctor. 

Other projects I participate in range from original dramas to sci-fi/action stories. I have voiced a range of villains or creatures from the Doctor Who universe such as: The Cybermen (Mondasian, 2007 & 2013 versions) The Daleks (Mixture of Old & New Generations) The Ice Warriors, The Shadow Kin King, Sutekh, The Dark Horde, The Skovox Blitzer, Zygons, The Seeker and The Silence.  Other characters I've voiced have been for DC & Marvel original projects like The Riddler, Abra Kadabra, Doctor Octavius and Arnim Zola!

I am currently trying to build my work up so I can eventually start working on projects other than my own and those that are  non-professional.  I am always interested to help out with any project that my talents can aid, so if you want to talk please, don't hesitate to contact me!  

Below are links to places you can find my work for voice acting as well as for my musical compositions, as well as further reach out to me regarding projects.

Discord: ZVW1995#1939 (To contact only, no work present)

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    Zain cast me in his Batman Fan work "The Ultimate Riddle: DC Audio Drama" in which I was given the honor of voicing Poison Ivy. It was a blast working with the script, for he clearly knows these characters so well that interpreting them straight off the page was a breeze (truly an actors dream!) Not only is Zain a fantastic writer who is clearly passionate about these characters, but he is also a kind and generous director, who was enthusiastic and positive throughout production. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again!