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I’m originally from New Orleans and currently live in SW, FL.  I started in Voice over when my singing coach asked if I would be interested in doing other things with my voice.  I, of course, said sure, and she put me in touch with a studio next to her conservatory that was looking for some actors in an audio drama they were producing.  I was cast in an audio drama titled “The Black Hearted Mr. White,” where I played the lead character and narrated the story.   It was a lot of fun and got me hooked on Voice Acting.  So I built a soundproof studio in my home and have been voicing ever since.  I love getting into a character and trying to capture that character’s essence.  Let’s work together to develop your project.     

Closing Credits - 2020

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Gravy For the Brain - 2020

Instructed by

Still a member of Gravy for all the great webinars they offer

VO Atlanta - 2021

VO Atlanta and Audiobook Academy

Instructed by
"Get Mic'd" - 2021

Various Webinars

Instructed by Deb Munro and Elly Ray
Closing Credits - 2021

Audio Engineering

Instructed by Tony Wijs