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Laurel Jane

She/Her • Voice Actor and Artist • Just starting out!

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About Laurel Jane

Hey all! I'm Laurel!

I'm known as LaurelTurtle on all platforms (5000+ on TikTok, some smaller numbers on Twitter and Instagram but nobody's perfect).

Should you work with me, here's what to expect:

  • Efficiency

  • Pleasant Working Environment

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Knowledge of Proper Audio Techniques and Editing to Save You Time on Your Projects

  • Memes

Wouldn't that just be the best? I think so!

Looking to connect with more creators and artists on CCC and excited to get the ball rolling!

Salami Studios - 2019

Acting for Animation

Instructed by Charlie Adler

A stellar 4-week intensive with the master himself, Charlie Adler. I learned more about technique in the booth and finding the character through this course

Real Voice LA - 2023

Character Workshop

Instructed by Michael Orenstein

In this intensive, Michael worked with the students individually to push our chosen character sides. It allowed me to better line with scenarios and intent of my specific reads and learn how to make my auditions stand out from others.

The Complex - 2017

Acting and Performance Class

Instructed by Carole D'Andrea

Carole D'Andrea is one of the most prolific acting coaches in Hollywood according to, having starred in the original Broadway and movie for West Side Story and coached notable actors like Nick Offerman. Built on positive reinforcement and self-growth, Carole helped me find the characters I wanted to bring out and encouraged me to explore their lives in a way I didn't first expect.

Voice Acting Mastery - 2023

Online Voice Acting Mastery

Instructed by Crispin Freeman

An excellent dive into emotional acting and bringing out the character in you! Crispin does a wonderful job with giving the actor proper sides, cold reads, and insight into drawing out the emotional responses of the scene partner. I learned a lot about remembering certain character quirks and carrying them through each scene.


$100-$150/hour, but I am absolutely flexible on low-budget projects (especially if they interest me!)

What Laurel Jane is looking for

I love adventurous characters and sinister villains! I'm looking to kick off my resume with fun projects and getting the wheels turning for larger works and proposals. We all start small so let's get together and rise up as a squad!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about Laurel Jane
    ? Well, it's fairly straight forward. Or is it? When I took on Laurel Jane, I was looking for voice actors for a project for FNV, linked at the bottom, when Laurel Jane
    approached me with interest in my project. I took them on and I was astounded by the work they had done for me. Their fast work pace was impressive and their stellar, no, beyond amazing work for such a small, simple role was beyond the call. They were a fine addition to the team I scrounged together and highly recommend their services to anyone they approach in the future. I look forward to future cooperation with Laurel Jane
    , and hope that they feel the same. :)

    Proof of work received:

  • @chris-kalen

    • Laurel Jane was very efficient with her work, being able to deliver her lines perfectly on the first try! I highly recommend her for any projects looking for a talented VA