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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Director
I love to provide voice work to all sorts of projects!
Voice match characters:Alice Angel (BatIM)MLP characters: Sonata, Applejack , Fluttershy, Granny Smith; Vinyl Scratch (Nowacking), ApogeeMomo (HuniePop); TikTok filter girl, Self-Checkout RobotRoxanne Wolf (FNAF)Miss Delight (Poppy Playtime)Ragatha (The Amazing Digital Circus)Overwatch Characters: Athena, Widowmaker, Tracer, and SombraVoice Range: young child (male or female, androgynous); teen girl, adult woman; old woman, robot voices, narrator voices.Accents: BBC British Standard, Birmingham, Northern British, Australian, USA Midwest, USA Valley Girl/ Mean Girl, USA Southern.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: singing vocal direction
I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Director
Professional sound designer with experience working both linear and non-linear media.
Speaks: english
Accents: american
Voice Description: male adult
Stay up to date with my work:
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Bilingual voice actor (industry since 2018) and singer (12 years of training).English voice of Clerestory (CYCLE), Rowdy (The Bully Exposed), Sara Lance (Tinies of Tomorrow) and several characters in projects by the Sonic fandom, including Tails, Amy, Sally, Dash and many originals.Hebrew voice of Kira and Kricketina (Pokémon Journeys), Nova (Lego Friends: The Next Chapter), Katinka, Luna and Anna (School of Magical Animals), Bradley (NOS4A2) and Kim (Alexa and Katie).Additional work: Link Legends (Eng), Super Sentai KND (Eng), narration for Hop! (Eng), The Terror: Infamy (Heb), A Week Away (Heb), Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series (Heb) and plenty more to come. :)
Sup! I'm a voice actor. Business email: [email protected]
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Producer
Thank you for visiting my page!

You can call me Afro or JJ.I enjoy bringing characters to life and challenging myself to different approaches.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want to get an idea of what I am capable of, check out my voice submissions through the submission’s tab.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want to go into more detail about the project? Feel free to contact me by email, twitter/X, or you can send me a direct message through here. If requested, my discord will always be provided privately.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When I have some free time I also offer my services as an audio engineer, sound designer, dialogue editor, and a vocal cover mix...
Speaks: english
I will shout in my mic for you
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
A teacher student, with experience in both scripted and unscripted amateur acting (musicals, roleplaying and live action roleplaying), as well as some professional acting (as a horror actor for Halloween). I have harboured a great admiration for voice actors and voice acting for many years, studying techniques and teaching myself the basics of recording and editing voice lines. I therefore decided to give it a shot - and it's been an absolute blast so far. I have a natural bass-baritone voice, with a decent mastery of vocal pitch and texture. My native language is Swedish, and I have long-running experience of speaking English to the point where I can emphasise or hide my native accent, as well as apply other accents, to the best of my ability. I also have a decent repertoire of different character voices (from being a D&D Dungeon Master), ranging from excited goblin to introspect...
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
Game developer, voice actor, father of three.
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Director
Various character roles in indie game projects. Can go from blue to white collar Australian, can be mistaken for British in general conversation. Grew up close to my Scottish and Indian grandparents, so have an ear for those accents. Lived in Australia most of my life, lived in the UK for a year in my 20s (Midlands) and the US for four years in my 30s (West Coast).

A game developer, game designer and interactive narrative writer. Have cast and directed voice actors in two indie games around 60,000-100,000 words each, so am familiar with tools and processesses to deliver audio and get it implemented in game. Really enjoy the whole process.
Speaks: english
ENG VTuber ⚙️ Garbage Panda ⚙️ He/Him ⚙️Aspiring VA
I am a Voice Actor and Director
I'm GOMI (ゴミ), an Automaton fashioned into a Humanoid Red Panda. An Aspiring VTuber and VA! Trans Masc Voice Actor looking to make a start in the Voice Acting Community!
Search all 1329 voice actor vocal direction profiles