Michael Mishkin

Michael Mishkin

Queer voice actor for animation, interactive, and commercial

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About Michael Mishkin

Hi! I'm Mishka, Mike, Michael - your preference.

My general speaking voice is mid-range, casual, and friendly. I can go from delicate and aspirational to gruff, angry, and assertive with plenty of stops in-between. I currently live in Chicago, where I grew up and have spent much of my adult life. People have told me I'm easy to direct, and I'll always seek to find a balance between my creative ideas and the rest of the team's vision.

Beyond my training in acting - VO and otherwise - I also have a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and an associate’s degree in culinary arts. I spend a lot of my free time cooking, baking, and gaming.

I have 4 cats and do not know what led me to this point. As of now they have not mutinied but I can tell they’re thinking about it. I’m working on monetizing all the stupid voices I use to speak to them.

Voiceover Camp - 2023

Various commercial workouts

Instructed by Scott Holst

I do a workout at least once a month to keep my commercial skills fresh

Voiceover Camp - 2023

Various VG/A workouts

Instructed by Stephanie Kerbis
Voiceover Camp - 2023

Voice Acting for Anime

Instructed by Brent Mukai
Voiceover Camp - 2024

Intro to Video Games

Instructed by Courtenay Taylor
Acting Studio Chicago - 2020

Intro to Voice Acting

Instructed by Norm Boucher
Acting Studio Chicago - 2021

Intermediate Voice Acting

Instructed by Jeff Lupetin
  • @kat-loveland

    Michael has done some amazing work for me on Honor Bound! He's not only stepped up and done some trailer announcer voicing, he's done a fantastic job portraying everything from scared out of their mind criminals to older distinguished Drs. He has so much range, he's so enthusiastic to take any role head on and he's a blast to have in cast reads. He will bring so much to any production! Definitely cast him whenever you have the chance!