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    About Worthy of Protection [Sims 2 VO Series]

    ----------------------- ABOUT THE PLOT -----------------------

    There are times when you feel like people are following. When you believe just around the corner someone is waiting for you. You feel like someone is out to get you. Waiting for you to slip up and fall. But in the end it all seems like unnecessary worry. You wipe your brow and move on. 

    But what if it were all true. 

    Some people in the world are trained to help stop this. Those who are lucky have their own guardian angel without noticing it. Maybe they're a best friend, a lover, a teacher, but whoever they are they more than likely have protected you from the dangers that lurk out on the dark streets every night. They clear your passage. They keep you safe. You'll find that usually those who are in this kind of danger--those who need these special agents--are taught from a young age to not amount to much, to lie low, keep their head down while glancing over their shoulders.
    Xavier was never a good listener. 

    Aki Amara just happens to have that job. Tasked with keeping the retired agent, Nova's, son safe from those dangers, she now has been moved with her researcher, and sister, Taliah, to watch over him, making sure everything was calm in his vicinity. All the while trying to keep discrete, trying not to be too obvious.. But when the girls arrive they find a college town filled to brim with bright personalities, beautiful people, and the scary edge of uncertainty, The group of friends their Xavier has found himself in seems safe enough, brimming with talent and intelligence which naturally exudes from the people within it--Teo, Kane, Jasper, Elise, Melissa. ....

    But can you ever be really sure? 

    Aki and Taliah must clear every person in the vicinity to ensure their new client's safety. Nova knows for sure someone is out to get him, but have those who hunt him found out precisely who Xavier is yet? Who is this hunting and haunting person? What lengths do they plan to go to in order to get him? And...

    ...What exactly do they want with him? 

    ----------------------- ABOUT THE PROJECT -----------------------

    Hello, hi and welcome! My name is Kay and I'm currently trying to direct a Sims 2 Voice Over Series for YouTube! I would like to have any voice actors from this wonderfully talented community to help me, but first a bit of information. 

    This Casting Call will be end on July 1st, please disregard the length on the actual call. At the current point I'm not exactly sure if I will need to extend this date, this is just a soft goal for when I'd like to have everyone cast.

    This will be a long-term project. In short what I mean is that while I have not completely finished all of the first season's episodes, there are currently  7 completed episodes ready for voice acting. Since it will be long-term--hopefully more than one season, even--I would appreciate if you would decide whether you will be open to voice acting for this project for months at a time into the future. In all I'm hoping for at least 15 episodes per season, so keep this in mind.

    Each script length is 20+ pages. In case you're concerned about the workload most of the lead characters are in 90% of the episodes, and each episode has a "star" as of sorts. That lead character(s) can have over 60 lines to read in that one episode. 

    Voice actors will be given 4 weeks to get in lines. This deadline will have grace period of a week for people to get in contact and let me know if they can continue working on the character before I will start finding a new VA.. If you have problems getting them done in that time I'll happily give you as much time as you need, just gotta let me know :). 

    Live recordings will only be done if all VAs present in the scene are comfortable with it and would like to participate or feel it would help them.  As someone who doesn't mind either recording alone or in a group when I VA I want to leave everyone with some room to breathe on this. I know that it can create problems trying to get 6 people into one chat to record things, so if it's not something you feel comfortable doing, or simply don't have the time to do it, then we do not have to have a live session. Although, if someone does want a recording partner and another VA from the scene has opted out I'll run the lines with any of you for the missing characters.

    The characters here are all over 18 years old, there will be cursing/kissing'/sexual situations/drug usage/drinking/conversations about sexuality in this series. I want you all to be aware of this kind of content just in case you're opposed, but at the same time I would NEVER have a VA act out anything that they are uncomfortable with (kissing/sexual situations/etc, that will never be asked of you). If you are uncomfortable with play a character that does any of this then I would suggest you not audition because each of these characters will more than likely partake in at least two of these things.  

    Some of these characters are LGBTQ+. I thought I would mention this again. If you have any qualms with playing a trans/gay/lesbian/pan or asexual character then you should honestly skip over this. They are in this cast, they will be throughout the series, and I only hope to add more diversity in as more characters are added. 

    More characters will be added as the Casting Call is up. Whenever this happens I will post and update with who's new so that anyone who's interested can be alerted. Most of these characters will be supporting or minor, but there are a few that are planned for later on who will be Leads as well. So if you're interested in more opportunities then there are definite possibilities. 

    Feel free to ask me any other questions that you may have through pms or otherwise. Feedback will be given out, though if you do not want it please mention it under your audition with a comment. 

    With most of that out of the way, let me explain what I expect from auditions. 

    ----------------------- ABOUT AUDITIONING -----------------------

    Please have a decent quality mic. I would prefer not having to mess with audio too much in order to make the episodes listenable to. You can usually tell when things have been heavily edited so please reduce background noise, echo, clicks, buzzing, all things of that sort. That said, I will be willing to work with mics if they're not to egregious. 

    EMOTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Don't worry about whether you can nail an accent or if you feel like you're being too loud, that can all be worked on. I'm willing to coach people on the kinds of accents I want or even forget accents all together if the emotion and inflection is dead on. So give it your all! Don't hold back! 

    Please have Discord or be willing to share your email account with me in order for easy communication. I do also have Skype but I am, quite literally, never on it, so it's best for it to either be Discord and/or Email if possible. If the only option for you that's used actively is Skype then I will work with you on that one. 

    Multiple takes are allowed. Do it as many times as you'd like, but please keep all your lines (0-2) for a take in one upload. 

    Please do not add voice effects to your audition. I want to hear your voice, other than a bit of cleaning up with noise reduction or things like that, don't have any effects please. 

    Keep in mind that characters with accents marked as "Any" literally can have any accent! Any accent that I would like a specific accent is written below their "Voice" information, but this kind of accent is not necessary for the character. So go for it! 

    I am so excited to hear what you all may bring to the table because I know that this place is filled with massively talented people. :) Thank you so much for auditioning if you do and I hope you have a fantastic day! <3 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold