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About Twice Reborn: a vampire visual novel (PAID and UNPAID)

UPDATE: Our deadline will be September 3rd, 2018.

An original visual novel. Decide Mark Delaware’s choices as he navigates through a world where vampires are real. How he treats those around him will determine his fate.

“Entering into a vampire society dedicated to the arts, Mark discovers frightening clues that his mentor committed a taboo, that he is being watched by a murderous renegade, and that he may have risked his soul. Determined to regain his humanity, Mark searches for the truth about vampires.”

Twice Reborn is a visual novel game project by First Step Cinematics, LLC. This is a commercial microbudget video game project so there are both paid and unpaid voice acting roles. Audio may also be used in a possible audiobook variation of the story as well as promotional materials.

About Project:

In this visual novel, the player will play as Mark Delaware. The player’s decisions can influence the direction of the branching story. 


An impulsive college student becomes a vampire’s apprentice but discovers that it may have cost him his soul.

Accepted Voice Actor Expectations:

  • To deliver in a timely fashion audio files (and to give weekly updates on progress). For the majority of characters, audio files are expected within a month of script deliverance. All audio files must be in .ogg format. No MP3s.
  • All voice actors must sign a contract with First Step Cinematics which guarantees the project the rights of the recorded audio.
  • Voice actors must have their own access to audio recording equipment of good quality. No built-in computer mics or gaming headsets. A 20Hz - 20kHz Frequency Response or a low dynamic range is preferred. 
  • All script lines are to be recorded separately with the appropriate audio file name. Pre-clean noise out with a 4db “noise reduction” before file delivery. Recommend Audacity as the program to do this. 
  • Actors must be willing to redo a script file if there are audio technical issues or if it was a poor take. Please be careful and do not “blow out mic” with an overly sensitive take (and visa-versa with a quiet take).
  • Actors must have a means to online share audio files with First Step Cinematics and must be able to keep the audio files at that link for one year.
  • Please do not submit tryouts for more than five roles. DO inform us if you are also willing to take an Extra's role. 
  • If the role is paid, payment will only be given once job is completed through paypal. 
  • Please do not embellish outside the given words in the script. The game engine matches actors'  spoken words to the read text. Please pronouce clearly and not slur words (unless that is your specific character).
  • We prefer more conversational/natural voice tryout inflections instead of ones that are more "cartoony".

About the Creator: First Step Cinematics

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