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(Best way to reach me now is my socials)

Hiya, my name is Tiffany and I'm trying to becoming a gaming voice actor. Long time gamer and stage actress so why not combine the two together!

I have been doing plays for over ten years now from Grease to The Wiz! I loved it for as long as I did and hope to join the cast of Hamilton here in Toronto. 

I have voiced for some amazing companies from Caesars Slots to BBC Radio to EEK Games creators of House Party. 

I was taught to always be humble with those around me and I try to do my best and give it my all when being cast in a role. I do NSFW but only if it's paid. That can be spoken with me through a message. 

I will say if you wish to message me, I will ask if this is a paid job. I tend to only audition for free work if I'm interested in it. 

Thanks for reading this and drop me a line if you want something voiced!

For more check my website out.

  • @alexabaczak

    Tiffany voices the main character in my podcast, Edelweiss, and she is incredible and works with the team enthusiastically. If something needs to be rerecorded, she is prompt in recording the changes. She is very busy but always has time to make sure everything is done right and that you are happy. I highly recommend casting her.

  • @sir-thompshire

    Tiffany got cast in a role a few months ago. It was for a gnome named Kelsey, and only recently had the opportunity to voice her, in the meantime she provided a few other voices for secondary characters, it was a pleasure working with her for this episode, and I hope it will continue to be in the episode to come!
    I would also add she does the recording very fast when she is available, making her very reliable!

  • @brandonhessvoices

    She has a wonderful voice and takes direction incredibly well! Work with her and communicate with her and you will receive the performance you are looking for!

  • @yossarian22

    She is a great person and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. She also shows a great empathy for her roles. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would do so again without hesitation.