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About The Walking Dead: The Final Season Voice Over




I am currently looking for voices to complete an on going voice over/fandub series I started on my YouTube channel (SilverGeFer). It consists of redubbing a one way walkthrough of The Walking Dead: The Final Season game, from Episode 1 to 4. Yes, I know Telltale Games have shut down recently and that really sucks, but that doesn't stop me from continuing this voice over series. If you like voice acting, it should be a really fun experience for you to practice, or to improve with. Honestly, the project has been going very well so far. Only problem is: I am still missing a few voices for some of the characters and I was thinking maybe some of you folks out there could help out with that. It doesn't matter if you are or aren't familiar with the Telltale's The Walking Dead game series, I am only looking for voices to fulfil the roles (if it helps, you can take a look at references to get a better idea of a character). The available roles are below. Your audition must include a minimum of at least three dialogues from the character you want to audition as. The dialogues are in no specific order and are separated by a '--', so simply choose the ones you like the most for your audition. An ''Additional voices'' section is available in case you aren't casted, but would still like to have a chance at voicing future characters.

IMPORTANT: Characters with the word *UNDEFINED* next to their name means they currently have temporary voice actors already, but they can be replaced if I feel your impression is better than the current actor's. So why not give these characters a try?


To audition for a role, you must have a convincing teenage voice since most of the roles down below are teenagers (except Lilly). This means if you are the age of 13+, you are good to audition for any of them (I will make an exception for Tenn's role, though). I won't pay much attention to microphone quality. For example, a phone or even a laptop microphone (unless there is intense noise from its fan) can do the job.

IMPORTANT: In case I end up casting you for a role, you need to tell me how available you are in life (at least once a week is the minimum). If you are a busy person, I would really hate having to push you around because you keep procrastinating your lines. Hope you understand why I need someone who's available… :\

One last thing to mention, this isn't a paid project. I'm not paid for doing this, so don't expect to be paid either. With that said though, I'm not necessarily looking for the most amazing voice talents out there. But, of course, I will pick the person that stands out the most in their audition, either for having: 1- the best voice impression, or 2- the most convincing voice acting for one of the available characters. Also, very important thing to mention: have some enthusiasm in your voice. This will give you a lot more chance to get casted. I won't pick someone that sounds monotone. That's just boring to listen to.

Anyways, good luck, and have fun auditioning! :)

About the Creator: SilverGeFer

Hey, it's me. That one guy who's trying to become a voice actor… like everybody else on this site. I've recently found passion in voice acting, something I didn't care for at all until I started a fandub project on my YouTube channel (SilverGeFer). Following this event, I have then tried to keep the dream alive by practicing and improving my acting as much as I could over the years. :D

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold