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About thataussieVA

Hey! I'm Chantelle aka thataussieva

Hey there! I am an aspiring voice actor and I have the ability to be versatile to the role. My natural voice is medium level with an Australian accent but I am incredibly versatile with the ability to play most teenage boys as well as typical female roles. For examples, take a look at my auditions below. 

Feedback is always appreciated

Time Zone: AWST (please be mindful of the time difference)

  • @kenesukun

    Chantelle is an incredible actor and singer and is a pleasure to work and chat with!

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Chantelle was a total pro with her Making of Black Butler II fandub, where I played one of the leads (Bardroy).

    I've been involved in many other projects but this one ranks near the top for the professionalism and perfectionism during the entire production. Notes were clear, conversations were pleasant. A project of this scale takes a long time and it's obvious Chantelle put a significant amount of care in its presentation - as a director myself, it isn't easy to manage 12+ actors AND match all sound cues AND the lip flaps. Oh God the lip flaps :P Patience of a saint!

    Chantelle was also very understanding when personal issues were slowing down my line submissions halfway through. For that reason alone, if she wants to work with me again I will drop everything I'm doing to get involved in that project. Awesome director - one of the best I've had.

  • @zerokane

    Chantelle was the director, editor and VA for Ceil Phantomhive for her vision for a Fan Dub of The Making of Kuroshitsuji II. Ever professional, and an able director; Chantelle was the backbone of this project and one of the finest VA's that I've had the pleasure of working with .

  • @deleted168852

    Even a month or so after the final project has been released, I'm still blown away by the quality of Chantelle's fandub of The Making of Black Butler II.

    At over 25 minutes of content, making this production a success was no easy task. Yet Chantelle's managed to not only direct a cast of at least a dozen people, but also play one of the leading roles flawlessly - Ciel - and edit the whole piece into a smooth final product that matches mouth flaps and cues to a stunning degree.

    Working as one of the voice actors, originally cast as Drossel and later Agni as well, I got to see first hand how well Chantelle worked with her cast. Regardless of the stresses that came about from the project, she remained kind, helpful and patient with everyone. When I had questions about some of Drossel's lines, she was quick to look into the matter and help me work through the difficult section.

    I can only hope that my future directors will be equally wonderful and should she ever be casting for more projects, I would jump at the opportunity to work with Chantelle again.