My voice work includes characters from games/mods such as Titan Station; The Elder Scrolls: Skywind; Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland (Point Lookout); Descent: a Vampire The Masquerade Fan Game; Shezarrine: a Skyrim quest mod; Fallout 4 CSEP: Brothers In Arms; Fallout New Vegas: Race to the Bottom.

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About GeFer

Hey, it's me. That one 21 years old guy who's trying to be a voice actor…basically like everyone else on this site. I've recently found a passion for voice acting, something I didn't care for at all until I started a fandub project on my YouTube channel. Following this, I have tried to keep the dream alive by practicing and improving my acting as much as I could over the years!


I mainly voice act for the fun of it. If a job has payment included, that’s always a bonus.

What GeFer is looking for

I mainly focus my work on voice acting for animations, fandubs and video games. Though I can be versatile if the job ever requires it.

  • @brookemorganva

    Silver is an extremely flexible director. He gave me deadlines that were perfect to keep me busy but not overworked; he split up large sections of work into smaller scenes, which is a huge bonus to have in a director. He was encouraging and wasn't afraid to ask for perfection, nor to give direction. I highly recommend working with him!

  • @wmcmanus00

    GeFer has brought great volume and work to my projects! He brings such a charismatic and fun loving energy to the projects he's been apart of and all and all, he delivers when it comes to satisfying the directors and producers with the role given. Love to continue working with men like this!

  • @miragecrew

    GeFer was amazing for our project! He gave us so much energy for his character and we couldn’t thank him enough. It was a pleasure to work with him and you should definitely look his way!

  • @slightlyinsulting

    GeFer is incredibly talented and puts his all in his voice acting, he understood the project, he understood the character, and he understood what we were doing far better than alot of Voice Actors I've worked with in the past. He got his lines in really fast, and of high quality definitely a voice actor you'd want to keep around and work with time and time again

  • @0n3appl3

    Casting GeFer has been one of the best decisions I've made for the One Lane Bridge project. He was able to complete and submit his lines in a short amount of time and at great quality and is always happy to redo lines. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend him to those who need some voice work done!

  • @cgy95

    I worked with GeFer on a Fallout: New Vegas mod called Race To The Bottom. He was extremely helpful and gave a great performance in a timely manner! Was patient with me, when not all originally went as planned too and was willing to record numerous takes on the line and in different file formats. Really great to work with and I hope to work with them again in the future!

  • @pignessman7

    Nice guy, great VA, and a solid member of my community.

  • @tannerhudson

    A great actor and a fantastic storyteller. Played four different characters with subtlety and emotional nuance, and provided a variety of great options when asked for multiple takes. On top of everything else, he was a joy to work with!

  • @anbeegod

    He voice acted in multiple soldier roles and a robot role in my Skyrim mod Shezarrine. A friendly and talented voice actor, all of his work were exceptional, delivered in a timely manner, and was willing to perform any redo efficiently (not that there were a lot to redo!). Would have him for future roles.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Geremy was a very friendly and great individual to work with. Quick delivery, great voice and the emotions provided were superb. Hopefully I'll get another chance to work with him! He's that good :)

  • @chrisgraydev

    Gefer voiced our protagonist for our project with a very narrow deadline and went above to promptly deliver a great performance! He brought a gravity to every scene and really sold it, would definitely recommend him if you need someone who can deliver on those emotionally impacting moments!