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Graham Baker's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Thrilling Adventures of Admiral Balderdash

    Hello! all!

    Progress for Balderdash is already underway. It's a lot of work, but episodes are already being released. I'm welcome to ideas, and am still looking for voices for other characters!

    Here's the first episode

    My name's Graham Baker. I'm currently studying in drama school to become an actor and writer. 

    Admiral Balderdash is a passion project of mine, that I've been working on for the past year. Inspired by classic radio shows of old like The Adventures of Superman, or The Shadow, I'm trying to create a story that can only be fueled by a listener's imagination! 

    I've written the entire script for Admiral Balderdash Season 1. I'ts 100+ pages of goofy nautical adventures that follows a colorful cast of characters as they try escape from pirates and hunt down a bloodthirsty sea monster. Themes of family, and overcoming obstacles even when scared are very abundant in the show. The script has a very quick and witty sense of humor, with a balance of somber moments usually between Balderdash and his cabin boy, Penny. 

    The show will be a 5 part miniseries released as audio files online. Each chapter lasts about 20-30 minutes with accompanying music and narration. The first episode will be absolutely free to listeners, with the following episodes costing less than a dollar. I'll likely create a website, or release it on iTunes to make a profit. 

    At this point in time, I can't offer any form of payment in the projects life. However, once Balderdash is off it's feet, I'm prepared to pay actors and musicians 10-25 cents of every dollar earned respectively. Right now, I'm looking to find actors to voice the leading characters, but as things progress I'll begin to post minor characters as well! If I find the right voices, I'll be sure to send all the scripts to the individual actors! I care so much about doing this right, and I'm really hoping you like what you see! :)

    -Graham Baker

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold