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About SandraMJ

I'm Maxi or Sandra Molina Juan, a 25-year-old Spanish non-binary voiceover director and art director, as well as an ex-colorist for various companies such as Blizzard, DC Comics and Dark Horse.

I'm illustrating, writing and directing my own Visual Novel at the moment,

The Hayseed Knight!

It's fully voice acted, so follow the project if you want updates on future casting calls for it.

Casting and Direction

I'm a casting and voiceover director with four years of experience, previous experience includes directing theater plays and web series pilots.

My main focus is helping actors bring a natural, real feeling to their characters — going beyond creating the perfect voice for their role, to find mannerisms and techniques they can use for future ones as well.

My philosophy is that a VA should always walk out of their recording session feeling more confident than when they started it.

If you need someone with a real "I have no idea where this character is from but they're definitely not native" accent, mine is as vaguely European as it gets.

I can also pull a more typical Spanish accent for all of your Caribbean pirate or flamenco dancer needs.


60 USD/hour for indie companies

What SandraMJ is looking for

Paid projects, game jams

  • @stanpai

    Working with Sandra has been the best kind of fever dream for a voice actor one could imagine, only instead of it being a dream, it is reality. Sandra is the connoisseur's answer to a project's needs; passion and professionalism are intertwined under her banner.

    As an actor, you are respected and valued with Sandra. You know that the work you're doing means something. You are a part of something great and you can tell as soon as you have that first conversation.

    If you want a director with attention to detail and a commitment to the minutia of each line, Sandra Molina Juan is the answer. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to work on her projects.