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Nika Cola's Previously Completed Works

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    Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

    Voice Acting 101

    Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

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    About The Machine And Her--Fallout 4 Companion Mod


    Open call for the role of A.G.N.I.S., a digital assistant (think 1950s Alexa) in the upcoming quest and companion mod for Fallout 4 titled: The Machine And Her. After successfully finding the voice of Kit, the player's companion, right here on Casting Club, I'm excited to begin auditions for the other major role in this project! Currently we are 85% done, with quest scripting, dialogue, level design, sound and music design, and more, all completed!



    A.G.N.I.S. is a digital personal assistant with a failing memory, who doesn't seem to realize the world ended decades ago. Inside a decrepit subway station, she begins a friendship with Kit, a young woman who becomes determined to fix her.


    Role Details/Requirements:

    Gender: Female

    Age: Early-mid 20's

    Accent: Southern American or Mid-Atlantic (I'm interested to hear both, but either one will be great for this part!) Don't worry about sounding like a "robot" or anything. A natural human voice is exactly what A.G.N.I.S. should have. 

    Audio file format: Files should be in raw 16bit mono .wav format, 44100hz. 

    Audio quality should be clear with no background noise, and no EQ or effects of any kind applied. (I will handle all the post-production for what you send me.)



    There are approximately 300 lines in this role, split fairly evenly between cut-scenes and one-off lines. A wide emotional range will be required, as the story explores how A.G.N.I.S. was created as well as Kit's background--and how alike they might truly be. 

    The above video is the opening scene in the mod (the overall status of the project is 85% completed) where the player first meets Kit and A.G.N.I.S., whose voice is still currently un-cast and therefore only subtitled. 

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, or let me know if I've left out any information you need!

    Click here for Sunshine Daisy's profile, the actress cast for the role of Kit!

    Teaser Trailer

    Join us on Discord!

    And see below for other supporting roles yet to be filled!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold