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Hey! I'm Kelly AKA SunshineDaisy. 

("Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!" - Ron Weasley. 
When I was thinking of a username, that was the first thing that came to mind for some reason, so it became 'SunshineDaisy'. And yes, I like the Harry Potter series a lot as well.)

I'm Kelly, 21, from Estonia, Europe. 

Voice acting has interested me for some time now. 

I became more interested after playing the Life is Strange series, especially Before the Storm. 

I searched for the voice actors and kind of got stuck in this web, but in a good way :)

I'm also into acting in general. I do stage acting in a small local theater group.

I believe that voice and stage acting mesh quite well and want to become better at both. 

You will find me auditioning with my own voice a lot. 

I started with different voices but then as I looked more into voice acting, 

I heard multiple pros say mastering acting in your own voice first is key.

I think that's great advice and I'm following it.

My voice has been most described as soft-spoken.

I'm looking to do as many projects as I can to build my portfolio.

Feel free to message me here if you'd like to invite me to voice any of your projects and we can get started.

I update my profile often, 

so what you see here is always the most recent stuff. 
This way you'll be able to see what I'm currently working on!

NB: I will be doing all recordings from home.


I'm not expecting payment unless the project states otherwise. 

I use PayPal.


Voice Work
(newest on top)

Working on now:

Jack404  ("404 Tales - Animated Stories about the Internet" - Resurrie [Meme


(cast, not working yet)

Ze207ro  ("Previously on Beyond: Two Souls Introduction/Narrator -Narrator [reoccurring]

KiritoKirigaya  ("Tales Of Kingdom Darkness" Narrator)

coffee-vee  ("I'll take Justice" Friends of


(links to works when possible)

DuckterStRm  ("Bonnet's Location" Unknown Being) [in

bobbythejobby  ("The Dark World" - Nightspawn


"Very punctual and thorough! Works fast as well." -

 Aliis Sarapik, a friend and business partner of mine for whom I film and edit videos.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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