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About The Cloud Princess (REOPENED) (A Gacha Club Series)

The Cloud Princess     

━ Cloudy- the bubbly, curious, and sociable 15-year-old princess of the Sky Kingdom- has spent her entire life entrapped in her castle at the hand of her father, and wondering what Earth, the "forbidden world" is like. Desperately, she clings onto the hope that she will one day explore it, despite her father's disapproval. After a feud with her father during the banquet of her 15th birthday, she is transported to Earth with her fianceé Prince Caelus after its gate opens in a mysterious explosion. Cloudy's friends - the cosmic rulers known as the Planetary Princesses - Thalia, Michaiah, Veneta, Juliette, Molly, and Eden are also transported in a similar explosion following the first. The girls manage to find Cloudy, only to find that they are now stranded on Earth and that Caelus is nowhere to be found! Follow the girls' on their journey in Earth as they adapt to being humans and navigate family, friendships, love, growing up, and most of all, finding their true selves.

━ This is a re-post of The Cloud Princess auditions! 

━  This project is 13+. You must be 13 or older to audition for any roles.

  Join the discord server! (Only if you want :))

━ List your discord username in your auditions. This will be my main source of communication with you if you are casted.

━ This project is not-for-profit. You will not be paid for working on or in this project.

About the Creator: lumi_moon

Hello! I'm Lumi, or Lumi_Moon, Miss Moon, and Little_Lumi. You can just call me Lumi, though.

I am an unprofessional and amateur voice actress, director, writer, and singer. I've been acting for almost my entire life and singing just as long, too. I currently receive vocal lessons and in the past I've attended a performing arts school where I majored in Drama/Acting!

Voice acting is something I like to do for fun and I'm seriously considering singing as a career. I hope you enjoy my work!



- My voice ranges from low to high. I'm flexible and can voice act characters anywhere from child to adult, as long as they are female.
- I am a minor. Under no circumstances will I do NSFW work.
- I am, however, open to excessive swearing.

Current Roles 

Caeda in Clumsytrophy by Maridash Productions
Mortina/Mort Apporte & Syuna in Order of Emotion by georgiaxox



Discord: @❥ 𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖.𝕝𝕦𝕞𝕚┋🌜⋆⌇#2879
YT: little_miss_lumi
CCC: 🧍🏽‍♀️

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