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About CookiesVA

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Why hello there! :D

Hey there! Your local writer who runs on tea and drinks the reader's tears. Anyways, a more formal introduction: My name is Cookies, I’m a Canadian-Asian teenage girl who goes by the pronouns she/her. Even though I may not be the best at deadlines, I’m determined to give you quality work. 

Work Req: Depends
extra info ;
Discord: ssrurie#6540

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check demo !!


"Oh? You want to commission me? Here are the prices!" 

For now I am only offering nitro! 

basic nitro: 
short-term project ( max 15 min/ep ; max 10 eps)
includes: character planning, outlining, screenwriting/script writing, etc. 

full nitro:
long term (20+ min/ep ; 10+ eps) 

I will NOT be accepting: 


- Hate group (anything racist, homophobic, etc)

What CookiesVA is looking for

I'm ok with pretty much anything! From paid to free, I'm quite flexible. As long as there is NO a lot of swearing, hate group, racism, etc, involved. 

Upon asking me to audition/write/draw for you, please answer the following questions: 

  1. Is your project long-term or short term? 

  2. Has it already started? 

  3. Am I working with someone else, or am I working solo? 

  4. Paid or non-paid? (I'm fine with either, for paid, it it will be done through PayPal) 

  5. Describe the plot to your project. 

  6. Examples of your work(s). 

  7. From a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to the project?  (I'm not looking for full on dedication because I understand people have their own lives.) 

  8. What role do you want me audition/work for? (Script Writer/Editor, Artist) 

  9. If for writing purposes, what format will the script be in (my format, a different format made by yours truly, etc)? 

Please PM here on CCC or send me a DM on discord (ilovecookies#6540).

  • @bubblebite

    Cookies is such an amazing VA! She is literally so hecking sweet and just an overall empathetic person! Truly such a passionate young lady and deserves any success she gets. She turns in her lines on time and they are so perfect! We love you cookies! <3

  • @meteor-shay

    Cookies is honestly really kind and I suggest you guys work for her! She auditioned for my project and was able to provide what I wanted without even asking for any clues! Though I haven't started this project, I can already tell that she's hardworking and can get along with her teammates well!

    I really recommend Cookies if she auditions for your project!

  • @stillthinkingu-u

    Although we haven't started much things yet, I am a bit surprised and glad that she has much awesome energy that makes the chat active- making me reply to her. :')

    Cookies is an awesome person, and she started by saying hello and introducing herself.
    I hope she gets casted as often as I had been, because her work is truly beautiful.

    You all know what happens if you don't cast her. ;)

  • @moonxlotus

    I worked with her as a script writer.
    Not just voice acting but she good at writing as well.
    Her writing had such a unique concept it's was refreshing to read!
    She has a clam and nice personality!
    If she auditions for your project consider casting her you wouldn't regret it :)

  • @nicolee8c24

    She worked with our team as a script writer and she is an amazing and talented writer.Her style and creativity are unique and make you want to read ahead. I also loved how amazing her personality is; she always try to stay calm and not get carried away she professional yet friendly which is something I prefer.

  • @cecelia_va

    Cookies is the absolute bomb. From her extremely talented writing, to amazing personality, who wouldn't want to cast her???? She is so. fricking. nice. and she is an awesome friend. She's been talking to me for a bunch of months and I'm really grateful for her as she's been really fun to talk to. She is skilled in voice acting, especially writing, and also a good director!! She handles her servers well and keeps everything in line. Honestly, Cookies is the triple threat! If u don't cast her, ur making a big mistake, because whatever you need her for, whether it be writing, voice acting, or heck, even art!! (i completely forgot to mention that she is talented in art as well whefkjuefgno) Literally, she's ready for anything, and mark my words, you will not regret anything.

  • @deleted527807

    I just have to say, WHY IS THIS TALENTED BEAN SO UNDERATTED?! Cookies and I have been trying to battle the timeout corner for a while, still no luck, how long are we gonna be in there!? She is such a great person just to talk, pretty much a fun person to be around. Though she doesn't do VA, I'm sure her voice is just so beautfiul! Cookies is an amazing artist and a script writer! Those are two things I am terrible at, so ur so cool Cookies. I would say, this human being is just someone I adore so much! Take my words, and make sure "CookiesVA" is joted down in your notes for being in your cast! <3 

  • @oreotime

    Along with their mad skills in art, Cookies is always fun to work with. Also, she's really fun to talk to as a person, I have lots of laughs with her in a convo! She is good with teams, and always willing to lend a hand to me.
    Cookies has a really cute and attractive art style! She's really hard - working and can draw a result you'll enjoy each time <3 Make sure to hire Cookies for any projects you need her for, she won't disappoint you! ✨