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About RioZé

Voice acting has always been something I’ve had an immediate interest in ever since watching 4Kids Entertainment as a young girl, believing I was Ash Ketchum and pretending to be him along with attempting to sound like him. I’d never invested in it properly until the last year or so, particularly now that I feel my voice has reached its final maturity development level.

As much as voice acting is a passion for me, I’m a huge advocate for small projects and businesses getting as much support as possible. Every little helps. Assisting people with their projects is my biggest goal here, and if I can help out by bringing a character to life, then I’ll try my hardest. I want your readers/viewers/listeners to love you as an author, for creating a character they love or relate to for the portrayal of how your character has been brought to life.

I’m not shy with projects and will participate in all mature themes of voice acting. For example, 18+, gore, cussing, NSFW etc.

A Little Bit About Me

- My name’s Amy and I’m currently living in England. I’m Anglo-Irish by blood but I identify as English. I’ve lived in both England and Ireland a few times each. Bit confusing really! I was born in England, moved to Ireland as a wee one and picked up the accent and now I’m back in England. Messed my accent up a little bit because they’ve merged now, so thanks, Dad!

- I’m a 5’5, 24 year old Aries (a little bit cuspy of a Taurus).

- I was once an INFJ-T, but now after making some changes to my life and taking the test years later, I am an INFP-T.

- I’m not quite sure how to label myself sexuality wise, I identify mostly with pansexuality but I just say my sexuality is fluid to avoid any misconceptions. I also use any of the following; she/her/they/them pronouns. If I was to use one on myself I would use she/her, but I’m more than fine if people prefer to use they/them for me also.

- I have recently received my therapist license, so now I am your friendly neighbourhood cognitive therapist!

- I’m a huge anime, manga and gaming geek. My favourite is the Dragon Ball franchise. I know it’s not the greatest plot wise, but the nostalgia bonus for me is what puts it up there! Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat are some major role models of mine. I watched the dubs and then moved on to the subs and it’s what inspired me to learn Japanese. My favourite anime at the moment, is probably... Attack on Titan... I know it’s very mainstream, but it deserves to be! Favourite video game franchise is also The Legend of Zelda, again, for nostalgia purposes. I used to sit on my dad’s lap while he played Ocarina of Time on the N64 and whenever he got to a treasure chest, he used to let me open it and it sits pleasantly in my mind and heart. Cute! I even went to watch the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform its soundtrack, 2015 I believe...? At the moment, my most played game is 3x3 FreeStyle. I main Big Dog, Kim and Cindy (Xbox One player by the way). You can catch me on Dragon Ball Legends too, I main Future on there and get in the top 1K players every season. My schedule is very busy at the moment and a couple of games on these are easy to join, and they’re short too, so it’s how I get my gaming fix per week!

- I love Kpop too; Girls’ Generation are my ultimate group (plus all their sub units and soloists), and Taeyeon will forever be my ultimate bias. I’m also into BTS (Jin-bias), TWICE (Dahyun-bias), Loona (Kim Lip-bias) and have recently been getting into Stray Kids (Han-bias). It’s what inspired me to learn Korean.

- Believe it or not, I can in fact speak 8 languages with English being my first and native language! Some more competently and fluent than others but I’m improving every day. Along with pronunciation and reading.

- I play 3 instruments. I started with piano and reached grade 8, then followed with violin and guitar, both reaching grade 8. I’d love to be able to play something from each musical instrument family, so at some point I’m aspiring to be able to play the flute, xylophone and french horn! I can sing if needs be, but by no means am I a professional. I’m average or below average at best. However, if a character I voice requires a singing part, I’ll happily do it.

- I can’t finish off without mentioning my babies. I’m a huge animal lover and I’m a rabbit mom. I have two, a French lop called Willow and a harlequin mixed breed (not quite sure what she’s mixed with) called Lola. They’re my pride and joy. I will soon be getting a dog (kinda thinking of a border collie), and then two goldfish and an African grey parrot. I’m not sure when because they’re quite hard to get locally here (the parrot, not the fish lol).


I don’t charge. VAing is a hobby and passion of mine, I do it purely for my own enjoyment.

What RioZé is looking for

I will do almost anything! Getting into character is something I love doing, even if it’s challenging.