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Rubbish Log's Previously Completed Works

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About The Call of the Flames (Chapters 1 & 2)

Not long after the Tribe of Gods shaped the world and enkindled the stars, the many races were led to name their lands. The plains of Human Wynland, the dunes of Dwarven Kanduk, the mountains of Orcan Workingar. And the three Gods--as unique in morality as their own elements, bestow their unique elemental magic to the few they deem worthy. Rhuadu—Chieftan of Gods, grants the gift of fire and strength, Duinna—Nature’s Guardian, the power of enchantment and alchemy, and Koannus—the Deep God, grants power over sea and soul. 

Three there were. Now only two remain to grant their power. 

The story centers on a girl named Bri, a jaded barmaid who's father--the man who slew Rhuadu has passed away, leaving her a struggling barmaid. When a Mage called Villadius find her, he sends her away on a quest across the world to discover how her father killed a God, and how it can either be undone, or done again in the war against the Deep God. Who empowers an Elvan Sorceress across the ocean, the rightful Empress with ambitions to surpass her Empire's former might.


The word fantasy isn't my favorite, but it gets the point across. It had a snowball effect in my brain from a series of "what if's" when thinking of the genre until I had a story worth telling. And with Song of Ice and Fire audio books, the Hobbit soundtrack, and the Star Wars Radio Play all in my iPod, I fell in love with this format.

Though I hope to encapsulate the world of high adventure and myth beyond that of Celtic and Arthurian stories (even though they're amazing), and subverting some of the expectations of the genre along the way. With Elves inspired by the Greco-Roman time period. Dwarven realms resembling North African kingdoms. Orcs inspired by early Scandinavian culture and myth. Drawing from legends and historical figures like Thangbrand the Priest or Cheng I Sao, to form an episodic fantasy series in podcast form, told with vivid sound effects, music, and of course--voice talent.

A series outline has been written as well as four scripts. I'm about half-way done with the first Chapter in terms of audio editing. With luck, I hope to have a release format similar to We're Alive: A Story of Survival. (Albeit a 30 minute format instead of 50).

(Warning: mild language, smoking and alcohol use, battle sequences. TV-14) 


As of now: compensation for recordings are at $0.17 per script line (essentially a half sentence of 5-8 words). Rounded off to the highest. For example Bri, who speaks 169 times in Chapters 1 & 2 together (313 script lines), is $53. A reoccurring role like Ultovin would make $15 for his appearance in Chapters 1 & 2.

We will have a Patreon page, and the podcast will be open for sponsors. If/when it gains some traction, all rates will be put into review. But until then I’m going in under the assumption it’ll fall completely on me for funding, which I’m totally prepared for. Still, I want to be fair, but at this time this is the only rate I can promise—it’s also the rate for which I’ve paid voice actors before for other projects.

Above all, I want to work with people who love voice acting for the fun of it. I love working on this stuff and hope to collaborate with people who love it too.

How to Audition: 

  • Send them to us here, or at [redacted]. Subject: Audition for (character name) from (username). Send them as either an attachment or a link, but preferably an attachment.
  • Make sure to minimize noises or bumps while recording. Only your voice should be apparent. If you like to filter or remove vocal tics, be sure to include the unfiltered version as well.
  • Record in .WAV.
  • Save as: cotf_username_audition (ex. CotF_Taruk_RubbishMan_audition.wav).
  • We will critique if requested. We also accept redos.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at [redacted].

Since this is an Audio Drama, all of the show's emotion and humor must be conveyed through the character's voices, so be sure to show off your emotional range. 

Note: We value acting ability over a voice that matches a character, so don't let your vocal pitch deter you from auditioning.

We welcome auditioning for multiple roles as long as you can make each of them a bit different!

DEADLINE: JUNE 5th 12:00 AM Central Time!

Main Cast (1F/6M/1U)

[I'd like to note that this is the cast as it is in Chapters 1 & 2, when Bri is distinctly out of her element. More female additions to the cast are to come, including another voyager, and the villain I've teased in the description.]

We look forward to working with you guys! Also happy to answer any and all questions in comments or as a PM. Or even directly sent to my email.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold