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Hello, I am Dr. George Miller Hoctor and I am crazy. Not in the sense that I've been tested or the like but I have been called crazy before by a few people so it must be true. If you are reading this it means you have stumbled upon my online Casting Call Club resume. If you did not mean to click here and you meant to find some other George Miller Hoctor then please don't let me interrupt you any further.

I was born in Chattanooga, TN on March 8th, 1998 and have lived here all my life. I was first introduced to voice acting with, what else, cartoons! Specifically Looney Tunes and Mel Blanc's fantastic work in that. I found it amazing that one man did NEARLY ALL of those voices! 

As I grew older I was still very interested in cartoons and animation but I wasn't so much focused on the idea of voice acting until I was about 17 when I realized that voice acting could be my dream job. The work can be hard at times but that is nothing when compared to the buzz I get stepping up to the mic with script in hand and I get to really have fun with my work. 

I joined PShattuck Productions in 2016 when they needed a fill in for the voice of Sans the Skeleton in their Undertale Comic dubs. Since then I have given them voice ranges from the loud and gruff Pennywise Clown to the high pitched and cartoony Cuphead and nearly everything else in-between. 

In July 2018 I began working in the 2017 Saxxy Awards, where I voiced Soldier and Civilian voices in "The Ice Cream Mann" and "War Crossed Lovers" and since then I have been putting my voice out to be hired for many projects including a new series I have been a part of called The Call of the Flame, where I voice a deep, booming narrator for the episodes. 

I hope to make voice acting a professional career because of how much fun it can be but more so because it's something that I love and am passionate about. 

"Do what you love and if it makes people happy, do it more" - George Hoctor

  • @rubbish-log

    Work with this guy, he’s hilarious, sharp, and his voice is so sagely and baritone like melted butter. Make him your narrator, make him your dragon, make him your pissed off Frenchman.

  • @stringstorm

    Quick to deliver and there was very little need to do any tedious revisions of the things that needed redone.

    His gruff and raspy voice was perfect for the song that I wanted to do even though the last bits were a bit too high. But even so, he nailed it. As such, I would be approaching him for future projects from now on.

  • @zk0x

    Doctor Hoctor is very reliable and he does know his stuff. He research your work and do whatever to satisfy you with their high quality sound. He's actually very flexible, respectful, and has a good manner. He is very easy to communicate with. I would recommend you to hire him if you need a reliable and trustworthy actor.

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Friendly and amicable to work with, Doctor Hoctor had unfortunately fallen ill just after casting. However, he kept us abreast of his recovery process all throughout, and made certain to let us know as soon as he was well enough to record his lines for us. Once he was well, he provided us with his lines quite swiftly, considering that he had been sick just before recording them, and not only was his turnaround fast, everything he gave to us sounded phenomenal. A few lines did require retakes, but not only was he once again fast to provide those retakes, they all once more sounded fantastic. We would wholeheartedly recommend casting Doctor Hoctor for your projects, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

  • @kharos

    Gmillerhoctor is quite enjoyable to work with indeed. I contacted him in order to request his skills as a voice actor for a Warhammer 40k Iron Warrior for a project of mine. He's equally as professional as he is communicative, managing to deliver his voice lines quite smoothly, with an astonishing performance and pace, all the while being generally pleasant to talk to.

    The price I was charged for his services was more than fair, and he had no problem delivering great results despite my sometimes quirky descriptions of what had to be said and done. I Definitely recommend him. Whether you seek quality or quantity - he will deliver both.

  • @pshattuck

    Hoctor is very reliable and has been a very hard worker for me for almost three years. Hoctor has a very nice range of voices and is not afraid to try out different ranges to give you the best he can.

    for example, his role as Seb Rose in a new series called Out There

  • @kyzeraqueron

    Gmillerhoctor is one of the most talented individuals I have had the privilege of working with in my time as a voice actor. He has a wide variety of voices from the gruff and serious to the wacky and silly. As well Gmillerhoctor carries himself with a unbridled passion for voice acting that pushes him to do his very best in every project he takes part in. A man who strives for quality in his work and a steady line of communication to give his best Gmillerhoctor is a voice actor I can proudly recommend.

  • @chiari_queen

    Hoctor and I have worked together on a number of projects and I'd be more than happy to say that he is an amazing addition to any project he's a part of. He has a very flexible and interesting vocal range and his overall talent exceeds all expectations. I adore working with Mr. Hoctor and I can't wait to be a part of more project alongside him.

  • @boki13

    Mr Hoctor worked with me on an upcoming animated project after being recommended from a fellow director. He was cordial, meaningfully diligent to understanding the content (spoken in a fictitious elven tongue) and responded to directorial notes even while expressing his own interpretations in a manner that was respectful for the content and, frankly, acted as a force multiplier to the end performance.

    I would recommend Mr. Hoctor to anyone and cannot speak highly enough of this man's professionalism and skill.

  • @kira1955

    Gmillerhoctor was a fantastic collaborator...delivering extremely quickly and with great skill. He gave way more than I asked for and perfectly captured the character. Would happily work with again.