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Writer, director, dreamer, and coffee and blue cheese mongering mandroid.

  • @xathien

    Rubbish made a professional project, laid out requirements, and paid right on time. The project and scripting were a ton of fun, and he kept his deadlines as promised. The final project is polished, wonderfully edited, and a pleasure to listen to! I can't say this about all of my voice projects, but I'm proud to provide my voice for this project, and I'm excited to see where it goes!

  • @deleted87583

    Mr. Log is both friendly and professional, having created not only an exhaustively detailed casting call in search of voice talent for his project, but also being very reliable in terms of delivering scripts and resources, providing direction for actors, being open to suggestions and outside ideas, and keeping to his word in regards to prompt and accurate payment. It's apparent that he wants to create the best project possible, and to tell this engaging story that he has created in a professional, exciting, and finely tuned way!

  • @bluerexvo

    Both before and after being cast as Taruk, Rubbish was in constant contact and provided fantastic direction for my lines and accent. He also fostered a great sense of camaraderie among the cast and has kept us well updated through every part of the project. I'm thoroughly enjoying working on The Call of The Flame!

  • @scotthenry

    Rubbish Log is a director who knows what he wants, and has a great way of expressing his needs for the characters. Never domineering impossible to work with; rather, a great communicator that can articulate his visions for delivery and timing. When you listen to his work, you'll hear exactly what I mean. He puts together a tight project. I'm thrilled to have gotten a role in this drama, and hope that I can add more voices to other projects down the road. There's a level of professionalism here that many studio directors lack.

  • @sasha_blore

    Okay so straight up this guy is awesome! He's organised and professional with his projects and makes sure that everything runs smoothly for everyone at all times. He pays well and right on time and is always friendly. I'm currently editing a project with him and I couldn't fault him in any way!!

  • @gmillerhoctor

    I work for him currently as the Narrator for Call of the Flame, he gives clear and easily executed directions such as how to begin and end sentences and is very open to suggestions and improvisation where applicable. He's an awesome director and one that I am ecstatic to work with!

  • @magusserling

    Rubbish Log was courteous, open minded, and gave excellent feedback during my recording performance. I worked on "Call of the Flame" as his Vampire King and it was a blast to see how excited and passionate he was about the entire process.

  • @alimackscot

    Very clear instructions and expectations from the get go, with 1 to 1 character feedback. All deadlines and delivery methods clear and it is also apparent how much passion he has for the project. The increasingly active Discord community speaks to the world he is creating, and the comfort people working within it feel. A pleasure to be a part of the project, hope to work with him again soon

  • @okami-aniki

    This is My favorite Project to Work on. Rubbish is Friendly, Professional and is Great with Communication. I will be a part of this production for as a long as he'll have me