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Hello! My name is Callan Buckley! I'm 17 years old and I LOVE voice acting! I love it! I already did voice acting for a few projects like The Walking Bread's Walking Dead motion comic (I played Dr. Harlan Carson and his brother Dr. Carson) and Scott 86's Walking Dead motion comic too (I played Shane, Glenn, Hershel, Dr. Stevens and Negan) And I also do voice acting for my own series The Dead Among Us, another zombie show! :) I'm still in school but I always figure out a way when it comes to voice acting and school. I don't mind cursing, shouting, crying, being happy, etc. for voice acting. I do some impressions like Gollum, Joker, Negan, Jon Snow, Ramsay Snow, etc. I'm into story, characters, etc. I don't mind doing games, shows, short films, actual films! I have a YouTube channel called Psycho Cat (TDAU). Oh if anyone wants to voice act for my show, send me a message! :)

If you want to contact me:
Discord: CallanPsycho#4111
Twitter: @CallanBuckley
YouTube: Psycho Cat (TDAU)

  • @generalonyx

    As a project director, He is SUPER great to work with! Definitely not super demanding and strict like some, but he also knows what he's looking for as well. Super glad to work with him!