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Abbeyamity's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Astraean Saga - Part 1


        The planet of Astraea was named for the Goddess who created it. The Goddess Astraea was a forgiving, peace loving deity until beings of the Dark projected themselves upon her planet. These beings, known as the Council of the Reen, came to Astraea seeking the mutated eyes of certain people through any means possible. The mutation, called Oculus Necrosis, allowed the eyes to ressurect the deceased and see the tragedies coming in the future. Those with such a mutation were at risk for having their eyes taken by the dark council. 

        The Council of the Reen's figurehead, Perillos Eden (known to his drones as the "Reen Master"), wished to become God and dethrone Astraea by taking the eyes of many people with Oculus Necrosis and eating them to gain their power. He would raise an undead army and have omniscient knowledge of future tragedies; He would become a God of Chaos. However, through previous trials, Perillos came to realize that there is a prerequisite that must be fulfilled in order to absorb the power of Oculus Necrosis: The eyes must be forfeited willingly.

        On the planet Astraea, Perillos decided to station himself and his drones in a kingdom by the name of Aglil. He had heard of the royals' missing princess of 15 years who was supposedly sent away to priests due to a sickness that could only be healed by a miracle of God. However, Perillos had reason to believe that this was not entirely true. In fact, he believed that the missing princess, Sara d'Reimu, possessed a very potent Oculus Necrosis. Perillos Eden vowed that he would find this princess, and he would take her eyes.


        The Astraean Saga is a story that has taken seven years in the making. The plot above is only the beginning, and the focus for Part 1. 

        Once you are casted, I will send you a message requesting your Skype username. There will be a Skype group created for myself and all the voice actors to converse and ask questions. YOU MUST HAVE A SKYPE ACCOUNT FOR THIS PROJECT.

        Each voice actor will also be given a copy of the script over Google Drive. YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT FOR THIS PROJECT.

        The script is written by chapter, and Part 1 includes the first 25 chapters. Once a chapter is completely recorded and edited, the script and the recording will be published here, on Tumblr and here, on YouTube. After that is done, each voice actor will receive the script for the next chapter.

        When another part is ready to start production, all the voice actors will retain their roles from Part 1 and so on. Each part will bring new roles to audition for!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold