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About Jacob M. Keene

My name is Jacob M. Keene, and I'm a voice actor, narrator, voice impressionist, and YouTuber. I showcase various ways of my voice talent on my YouTube channel, and I'm also happy to provide my talents for other peoples projects. I mostly post auditions on here whenever I find projects that fit within my selective boundaries (more details about that in this blog I posted on another site: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/740574/why-im-selective-of-material-i-voice-act-in), and occasionally use this site as well as BehindTheVoiceActors to post my own casting calls whenever needed. Whenever I'm offered roles for projects, I always do what I can to make sure I record for them and send my files within the deadlines I'm given, and I always pay attention to any directions given and follow them as best as I can. If you're interested in approaching me for your projects, feel free to message me here and/or on my social medias.

  • @cutie-dash

    Jacob voiced the Kingpin in my Spider-Man series, and he was fantastic. Kingpin as a villain was decent, but it's thanks to Jacob's performance, that made him one of the best villains of the series. He got them to me very soon, and his performance was amazing. This actor has a lot of range, and I'm glad he voiced Kingpin for me.

  • @darknightprincess

    I've known Jacob for a while, and I've worked on quite a few projects with him; I've both received and provided work for him. Jacob is very talented; with his wide voice range, he can pull off many different characters. Every project we've worked on together has been great fun, and I'd happily collab with Jacob anytime.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Jacob Is a Pretty Good Director. Gets Ya The Lines And a Good Deadline. Would Work With Him, Again! ;)

  • @oppo-rancisis

    Jacob M. Keene, alternatively known as Doctor Pepper King, is just one of a kind.

    Not only is the passion he carries for each role he plays simply spectacular, as proven by the uploads on his YouTube channel, he is also more than willing to explicitly follow the director’s guidance, while simultaneously giving the character he plays something of his own.

    This actor can portray fear, certainty, curiosity, anger, happiness, confusion, sadness, depression and a much larger variety of emotions with perfection. He can both mimic others (Tony Jay and Gilbert Godfried being my favorite impressions of his) and create something magnificent from scratch, as proven by his unique portrayal of Doctor Octopus in my most recent Amazing Spider-Man comic dub.

  • @deleted426781

    As someone who found his channel around 2016, I have seen Jacob hone his skills as an impressionist, audio editor, video editor and more grow. He creates playlists to help every voice actor he finds get work, and I absolutely adore that about him. Definitely your guy if you ever need someone with a love for exploring their range, from gruff and intimidating to wild and wacky.

  • @geekyvoiceacts

    He is an absolute pleasure to work with! I'm blown away by his level of talent. He would would be an amazing part of any team. I voiced as Spitfire from MLP in a scene reenactment video on his YouTube channel. I certainly had a great time recording it. He sees the best in those around him. I would definitely work with him again. Thank you for the fun opportunity! :)