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    About On the Road (Supernatural- Genderswapped)

    Hello! My name is Ina and this is Supernatural Genderbent. In case you haven't seen the popular TV show, here's a quick summary.

    "Take your sister outside as fast as you can and don't look back! Now, Deanna, go!"

    22 years ago (as of 2005, when the show's first season aried) Samantha and Deanna Winchester lost their mother in a fire that almost took the lives of four year old Deanna, her six month old sister Samantha and their father, John. However, John claims to have seen something very unusual when he came to pull Samantha from the blaze- Mary on the celing, her stomach bleeding. Since that day, he has belived that it was not an accidental fire that caused the death of his wife, but instead a supernatural creature.

    So John raised his two daughter into the hunting life- not hunting deer or birds, but monsters such as spirits, fallen gods, demons, angels, and even the oldest creatures in the universe. 

    But as she grew older, Samantha (nicknamed 'Sammy' by Deanna, a nickname Samantha personally hates.) decided that when she could, she would leave the hunting life. She was on and off about it for a few years, before her and her dad got into a fight and she ran off to Stanford. But Deanna, knowing better than to argue with her father, continued in the family buissness with John.

    That is, until today. 

    "Dad's on a hunting trip... and he hasn't been home in a few days." 

    John's missing, and Deanna finds herself at Stanford asking Samantha for help. But Samantha's got a life now. A full ride, a boyfriend, everything she wanted in life. However, because Deanna hasn't asked for anything in the past two years, she agrees and they are off to find dad. 

    However, when the two sisters are unsuccesful, Samantha returns to Stanford-- just in time to witness the death of her boyfriend- in a very similar way that John discribed their mother's. It was there, as she sat, watching the firefighters stopping the blazing of her apartment that she realized she would never have a normal life. 

    "Come on. We've got work to do." 

    And it only gets crazier from there! 

    Now, unlike most genderswapped fandubs, we are not actually going to be going in order of genderswapped episodes. Instead, we will do most voted upon and most popular scenes and episodes from the show, or else we will choose some that will allow the actor/actress to express emotion in multiple ways and show off their skills. 

    You also may have noticed that John and Mary are not genderbent. This is because I feel like the plot of the story works better this way, as the children hold a stronger bond with thir mother, and I feel as though Mary is too much of a kickbutt and awesome female character to take out. 

    If you enjoy auditioning for this, know someone who you think would like to auditon, or just like the project idea, please help us spread the word! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at [redacted] or else by Skype at ina_chute.

    (Note- The pictures used in the auditions are just people who I think look like I imagine the characters. They will probibly never be used again.)


    About the Creator: girlinaponyworld

    Hi, I'm Alaina, or Ina as my friends call me. I'm a very eager voice actress with plenty of time to work on my voice acting, or record. I'm a student at Lakeville North High School in Minnesota, and hope to go to collage for Theater in a few years. I love acting, and although it's been hard to land an on screen role quite yet, voice acting is just as fun. 

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