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Malleable Timeline's Previously Completed Works

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About My Hero Academia [Comic Dub]

This project consists of various artists' work. There will be various compilations made out of their art meaning that there will be different stories with different ships, 2nd Gen characters, and Original Characters. I have been granted permission by all the artists to do ComicDubs of their art.

The deadline of this project has been extended due to the lack of auditions for really few characters, who are urgent for the project. If you surprise me in your audition I'll immediately cast you due to the fact that the project has already been started and those characters are needed for some dubs right now.

This project has been approved and followed by the artists *Superevey* *Ren.Nomiya* *Motime_Art* *ErinClover_* *Cupajocs* *Yoko.naezono*

The order in which you will find the characters:

- Canon Teen

- Canon Adult

- 2nd Gen

- Original Characters

- Non-Canon/Extras

  • Leave Your Discord In Your Audition
  • You Need To Have A Good Mic with no background noise whatsoever
  • If You Have Background Noice Or Static, And I Believe You Show No Promise, I will Immediately Disqualify You. So Please Recheck Your Auditions If Possible.

- Go Check and Support the Artists

IG - @superevey

Twitter - @Superevey1

IG - @ren.nomiya

IG - @motime_art

IG - @cupajocs

IG - @erinclover_

IG - @yoko.naezono

- My Discord

ɱąƖƖɛąცƖɛ ɬıɱɛƖıŋɛ#3770

- My Twitter


- Original Characters will have their own stories and more new, interesting, and original content.

- Even though there are various MHA Art Universes if you get cast for a character you will play that character in each Universe.

- My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4ZuHcnx

About the Creator: Malleable Timeline

About Me

Let me tell you a little about me. I am a HighSchool student who has a passion for Voice Acting. Since I was little I enjoyed watching Roleplays and later on grew onto Anime. This has started a passion within me that I wish to fulfill.

Voice Acting

My current range is within a High to Medium tone voice. I can Voice Act for Male Teens and Young Adults.


I currently live in Mexico. I know English and how to speak it, sometimes I may have a little accent, but I can make it work. My Timezone is GMT - 5


I am currently working for my own Youtube Channel as a director. I am now starting to move towards Voice Acting more, so at the moment I haven't worked as a VA for any project.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

- I am a HighSchool student, so I won't be as available as I am in the summer.

- I don't mind swearing or making sexual noises.

- I have my own Youtube Channel and I am a director for the projects I post, so I will be divided into both.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold