Leif Inge Johnsen

Leif Inge Johnsen

Aspiring voice actor from Norway!

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About Leif Inge Johnsen

Hello! I am AnimaCron! I am 20! I am from Norway, Stavanger so my timezone is CET (GMT+2)
I am a singer, voice actor, illustrator, video editor, and music composer!
I've sung and made songs for a few years, I've illlustrated (and sometimes animated) my whole life, currently studying film, and now a voice actor! Please give me some feedback  on my work so that I may become better at what I'm doing! :D
I really like to collaborate/ help on creative and fun projects so just make a peep, and I am here for it! Paid or not paid!

If you want me in a project some day, you can contact me through:
- Discord: AnimaCron#2128
- Email: [redacted]

Vågen Upper Secondary School - 2020

Media And Communication

Instructed by
  • @sazzle04

    AnimaCron is a great voice actor who lent his voice to one of the main characters in our visual novel project.
    AnimaCron delivered an engaging and enjoyable performance...with an impressive emotional range! He was both positive and proactive when voice direction was provided and worked with us to produce some fantastic work. I would recommend him for any upcoming projects you might have...