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    About Strangers in Adventia

    Strangers in Adventia is a sequel/ spiritual successor to my first game Strangers in Mysteria. It takes place in another world completely separate from the first game but uses similar and refined mechanics and is a 2D RPG made from the ground up in unity that’s been in development for around 2 years however things in my life got in the way (mainly High School...) that caused me to drop the project for an extended period of time. But now that things have settled down I am ready to get back to work full time!

    Anyway the game takes place in a fictional fantasy world (much like Bravly Default Or the older Final Fantasys) where monsters have started to re-appear after a 100 year hiatus, entire villages are disappearing seemingly without a trace, new technology like airships are being introduced and are powered by an unknown energy source, and worst of all is a ruthless vaguely human species lacking any form of consciousness or emotion are killing by the hundreds with motives unknown. These beings have aptly been dubbed “Killing Machines”.

    The story begins in the central kingdom of Kastel where the main character Kach finds himself with no memory. He runs into Silica a girl with exceedingly powerfull magical ability’s who is on the run and seems to be all to familiar with what the “Killing Machines” are capable of. They later run into Rayis the leader of the Kastel guard and Reina a little girl who also seems to possess magical capabilities. Everything falls apart soon thereafter as Kastel is overrun with “Killing Machines” and destroyed overnight throwing the events of the game in motion.

    Now this I see where  you guys come in!
    This Casting Call is being made to test out how people will react to the game with a YouTube video with select scenes from the game on my channel Terriblis-Dev a YouTube series were I give insight on how I make games and my thoughts on how games affect us the way that they do such as the Importance of the Opera Scene from Final Fantasy 6 or full in depth reviews of games like Chrono Trigger. However I intent the game to have full voice acting and I can’t have a video with no audio so I need to get theses rolls cast now. After this video is made I will probably call you later when I am ready to start implementing the dialogue. I am very open to feedback so contact me if you have any questions at Discord Terriblis22842 #6173 or on Twitter @Terriblis22842 I have a lot of experience in audio mixing and video editing so there’s not much to worry about there although it would be helpful if the audio was sent in a format compatible with IMovie. And that’s about it. Let’s just have fun with this. I can’t wait to see wait to see what you got and to meet some great people. Good luck! 

    Q: Why did you stop working on the game?
    A: I felt like the project was turning into one big Final Fantasy 9 R.I.P off so I dropped it so I could rewright it to my original intentions...
    Q: You seem new at this are you ok?
    A: This is my first time in a directorial roll and I’ve never made a casting call before so hopefully all goes well. Please bear with me lol.
    Q: When will the game be realesed?
    A: Well this video I should going’s to be made to test the waters on whether or not this game is worth continuing. As I have many other ideas this is just the one I have the most fond memories of makeing.
    Q: What's with the art style?
    A: Yeah funny thing about that...the sprites that I have for the characters wouldn't fit so I used the characters final concept art from about a year ago. (Sorry about that...)
    Q: Do you have any voice acting experience?
    A: Yes actually I’ve worked on a lot of different projects and helped a lot of people it’s fantastic. Doing that and makeing games full time would be a complete dream come true!
    Q: What’s in it for me?
    A: I would normally pay but I haven’t yet secured a “business” credit card. So to make up for this everyone will get a shoutout and link to their casting call page at the end of the video.
    Q: Could you help me with my game or VA advice..etc 
    A: I would love to help just let me know and if I think it’s good I will more than happily help!

    And that’s about it have fun and good luck!

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