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Mrbrandino's Previously Completed Works

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About Soul Eater Unbound *MOVED*


Thanks for checking out my newest, working project for the manga series, Soul Eater!

The project is currently a work in progress. Because of this, the project will more than likely have roles added to it frequently. I'm basically using this as an inspiration to make my first visual novel game for fun.

The plot so far will follow a continuation of the main series, a year or more after the final chapter. In this time, Soul Evans, the original partner of Maka Albarn has bent sent away to monitor a certain part of the world, as a Death Scythe. A new protagonist will be focused heavily on named, Grimm Ripper, a scythe that stumbles onto Death City. Maka senses his Madness as he enters the city, causing the DWMA to attack him. Grimm is easily able to hold his own against the OCs, being able to transform and use his body as a weapon without a Meister. The cast soon realizes that although Grimm shows signs of pure Madness, he somehow has it finely tuned and completely under control. Grimm reveals that he had not come to fight, soon after joining the DWMA and becoming Maka's new Weapon partner.

The plot will center around learning more about the mysterious Grimm Ripper and possibly the second coming of the Kishin.

For the original series characters, please do your best to imitate the voices from the dub of the anime.

(The project has ended up costing me a bit for sound effects, and it's also taking a while because I'm doing almost everything on my own. If anyone would like to support the project, you can donate through CashApp or become a Patron. My CashApp is $GameGuy Productions and my Patreon is https://www.patreon.com/mrbrandino. I don't have any rewards set just yet for this project, but anyone that supports through Patreon will be credited in the game. I'll also make something to show updates on the game, so you know how your donations are being spent.)

About the Creator: mrbrandino

(My website)

Hello, my fellow voice actors and project directors! Just your average, neighborhood game maker here. 

Aside from that, I am also a novelist, illustrator, and I make comics and manga. I just recently started doing digital art, but I'd say I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I'm more of a seeker of talent than anything, but I do have some average acting skills myself (it comes with the big imagination... and alot of playing pretend as a kid, all the way to high school.) I've been told I am a great director for voice actors and an excellent vocal coach, probably because of being a recording artist. I do enjoy voice acting as a hobby, but it is not as serious of a thing as my other talents. I mostly love to seek out talented voice actors to match the characters I make, sometimes even more than my own voice acting for my characters! I plan to give positive, honest feedback and treat everyone fairly and equally. 

Before I go, just a fair warning, I get the excitement of a child when talent appears, to be apart of my projects. I love working with people on my projects, so it'll be alot of fun! I also appreciate any feedback on the few voices I will try out for.

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