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About Silent Wings Project ( On Haitus At The Moment )

NOTE: This project is currently on haitus as I am working on other things at the moment. One day, I shall return to this project when I am able to.

Hello hello everyone!! Greetings. I am Rainbowchu3, the person who will be in charge of this huge project. I should be able to answer all your questions here, but if you still have questions, please message me on here or discord ( Rainbowchu3#2152 ).

What is the story here?

This story plays in a universe of magical creatures humans do not know about. The world of angelus, demons, humans, and many more. This story will be following three young angelus in a journey to protect the earth, as they soon start to notice the appearance rate of demons going up. The thing is, they MUST keep their identities a secret! No human should find out that they are magical creatures.

What type of project is this?
This is going to be a series which I will be uploading onto Youtube. I will be drawing out a comic and then making a slide show sort of thing with it. Each videos will probably be something cool like, 'Episode 1'! Haha.

How can I help out with this project?
There are sooooo many ways you could help out with this project!! Maybe consider becoming a voice actor! Or help out with creating music, art, and adding more to the story. Or if you have the money, donate to help support this project. Any money earned is split between all the team members, especially voice actors who voice important characters. I will be setting up a donation sort of thing soon!

What are the conditions to joining this project?
If you are considering joining this project as for any role, I must ask that you follow some small rules. 1. Please have a good quality mic if your considering being a voice actor. Have as little background noise as possible. 2. I will not care too much about age, but please act mature and some what professional. 3. You must have discord. That is the only good source of communication system I have. I don't check my emails often as well.

Is there some place where I can talk with the cast or team?
Of course!! I have a discord server riggghhttt here -> https://discord.gg/KptZccs

Will there be more characters open than what you have right now?
Indeed!! For now, I will be slowly revealing characters one by one as more videos are released. I will make sure to keep everyone updated!

Would it be allowed to promote this project in other places?
Yes! Of course!! That would be a huge help and will surely grab more people into this project. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold