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About Seeking Voices for Legend of Zelda Comic Dubs!

Hello and welcome! Do you love The Legend of Zelda or comic dubs in general? This is the casting call for YOU! 
Even if you're not a fan, come on in and try something new!

The Specifics:

1. This project is a series of comic dubs, featuring several artists who are listed below with links to their tumblr pages. Audition lines are taken from comics in the dub queue for now, but check the description of each character for more details!

2. Some comics may be one-shots or contain chapters. Yay, more to voice! 

3. The character you are cast for may not make an appearance in every comic but we may also need extras.

4. There is minor language involved, depending upon the comic, so you must be okay with swearing. So be at least 16 and up please! (Yeah...)

5. The finished dub will be uploaded to YouTube complete with music and sound effects. This is a non profit endeavor!

6. Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the works if you haven't already!

The Artists

  1. ✨ Z-Raid
    Light in the Skye
    Dreadlock Detective 

(Permission has been received from each artist on this list!)

Some Guidelines:

  1. ✅ Sound quality is very important, please check for static or background noise in your audition. We want your awesome voice to shine through the recording!
  2. ✅ Don't worry about impersonating canon voices, this is all for fun!
  3. ✅ Upvotes are a form of support for your fellow VAs, but don’t worry too much about them. They don’t influence casting.
  4. ✅If you are cast, please be committed to doing your best and working with others!

  5. ➩ Roles Taken by Myself: Fi, Midna, Mipha, Korok in the photo 

💌 Contact Information  💌 

I will be fairly active on this project page and will give feedback on auditions if requested. For more questions, send me a PM! Once cast in the project, my Discord server will be the primary method of communication for our group. So it's great if you have a profile but a G-mail is suitable as well. 

Deadlines are flexible but please be able to commit to any changes you propose to the schedule. Life happens I understand, so please stay in touch with me if any issues arise on your end.  Thank you for considering my project and good luck on auditioning! 
See you around CCC! ;)

Disclaimer: Legend of Zelda characters are property of Nintendo, I do not claim ownership of the writing or art content.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold