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About Garrett Sandoval

Garrett Sandoval is an American freelance voice actor, and has been involved in performing since he was 15. He has received a number of awards for his public speaking. Garrett has experience in writing and acting, but his focus remains on voice acting. He has appeared in a wide range of media including video games and animation, as well as minor appearances on radio and television.

Closing Credits - 2018

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

Closing Credits - 2019

Voice Acting 102

Instructed by Deb Munro

Master Class - 2020


Instructed by Samuel L. Jackson

Master Class - 2020


Instructed by Natalie Portman

Master Class - 2020

Voice Acting

Instructed by Nancy Cartwright

Centralia College - 2019

Beginning Acting

Instructed by Emmy Krielkamp

Centralia College - 2019

Advanced Public Speaking

Instructed by Jeff McQuarrie

Centralia College - 2019

Radio Broadcasting

Instructed by Wade Fisher



What Garrett Sandoval is looking for

Voice acting is my full-time job. I'm here to bring home the bread.

  • @shadow18

    I have and I am still working with Geekysonic and he sure knows how to voice act, he put a lot of humor in his work and is vary good on being apart of parody's he's got a lot of skill in voice acting and I hope to continue to work with him.

  • @devstar2000

    This man is a legend! He did an amazing job voicing a lines for me. He was very flexible to change the way he said certain lines and got them in quickly. I would definitely work with him again, and I recommend not passing him up!

  • @jacket-josh

    An extremely talented and very quick voice actor! He can get paragraphs of lines and understand the tone and emotion needed to make the lines the best they can be. He is also a very easy guy to work with and talk to, he's friend and can make himself feel like a friend instead of a stranger in minutes! I've worked with him twice now and I really hope to work with him again in the future!

  • @greatwhite-studios

    Geekysonic is someone who i'm glad i got to work with and we also have a lot in common. I can see that he can play ton's of characters and have fun doing them. I believe that he'll someday become a professional voice actor and i'm am hopeful he does.

  • @yoshitails13

    GeekySonic is really a talented VA. I'm really enjoy the voices he does and I like working along with him in projects. I'm glad to be great friends with Geeky. I really like to hang with him more, I enjoy his humor. And I hope we can voice more together in projects. (:

  • @ccateni

    While the project was canceled, geekysonic's voice and lines were done so well. If he applies to your project, I would recommend giving him a chance any day.