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Hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

if you've enjoyed my Voice Acting in some way shape or form and have enjoyed working with me, or I did work for you as a Voice. Then please leave me a positive review if you are willing . I may try to write ones for those I work with as well, or directors I work for, who knows.. Trust me leaving a positive testimonial/review helps me greatly!  

Thanks for stopping by!  ^ _^

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About me

I'm a professional Freelance Voice Over Artist/Actor and Graphical Designer, I'm most Active on Deviant Art mostly for my Artwork and mod making, although I try to be active on all my other social media as well however if real life like keeps me busy or I'm in need of a break from the Internet for a while I am sometimes nowhere to be found at times but don't worry I always make a return eventually. I make sure to be done with Voice work or inform others what I'm working with beforehand first so all are satisfied with completed work if this happens. Sometimes I just need to take a Hiatus because of my health issues. 

I always aim to do the best of my ability in Voice Overs of Cartoons, Video games, Anime and making up new voices for others and their projects entirely, it's so much fun! Voicing has always been my passion since I was a kid. It's my dream job to work in many studios some day. I collaborate with YouTubers for projects by playing voices for certain roles. I've mostly played in Motion films, Anime, done Narration for videos, Sims 2 voice over videos, Elder Scrolls Skyrim Character mods where I play the voice of many characters who are npc's with stories and interactions who the player can speak to.  So definitely expect to hear me in Skyrim as I've worked with a few of the biggest modders in some very successful projects and alongside numerous Actors/Actresses who are incredibly talented. So don't rule it out I may just be one of those voices you hear, I've a wide range so I can sound distinctly different so you may not expect me to sound the same I'm an Actor you won't recognize until you're like OHhhhh it's him, he played all of those characters woooow....  ;)  

I often trick my family and friends, even they don't notice my many different voices right away if I'm in a video or animation, when they do notice it's me they are usually fairly impressed I pulled it off and that they didn't catch it sooner. 

Besides this I also do Sims Machinima's as well as random fan made videos to showcase something. If you have a project or a voice of mine catches your fancy or you believe would fit your character please do contact me so we can discuss details as I may be interested in lending you my talent if I'm interested in the project, that is. Give me all the details, please be specific and please be absolutely sure you need me before asking me because I've worked with many that cancelled projects last minute which never saw the light of day which is a terrible thing for someone like me who put lots of time and effort into their work, it's why I may ask for testimonials along the way just to ensure not everything is for nothing in the end. And I do editing and clean up the audio for upload which is a major pain lol. I do most work for free so long as Credit is given and my username is added to the credits, and sometimes like I said a testimonial sometimes. If a project is multiple lines I may require compensation. Yeah, I also do paid work too.

Anyway when adding me to credits it's Simdrew1993 with a capital S and a link to my YouTube Channel if possible as well, and my real name Andrew Pelz, or Andrew G. Pelz is also welcome in credits too if you like using an actor's real name in your project as well just make sure if you do it's along with my username, make absolutely sure my username is visible with it because people need to be able to find me and my pages. Any publicity I can get! I may not have as much support or a fanbase as I'd like but there will be a day when I will and hey it helps a guy like me.  Although if I am given far too many lines I will usually require compensation for my time via Paypal, or a positive testimonial if I don't want money, because Voice Acting may be fun in all but it is also still lots of work!

Thanks for reading! Peace. 


  • @araanim

    I have been working on a few extensive quest mods for the game Skyrim. Simdrew1993 first helped me out with a minor character, a young boy who had been stranded by a giant monster (who the player rescues.) He did a great job, with a fairly quick turnaround, and the sound quality was great! I approached him again to be the voice of my main villian, a nefarious Sload (a slug-like magical creature), and he was extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity. He dove into the character, trying different sounds and really exploring what we could do with it. After we chose a direction, he did a huge amount of voice work pretty quickly, and actually went above and beyond what was written, improvising some additional lines that would work for the character. The end result is wonderful! It was great working with Simdrew1993. He does great work, is professional, works quickly, and is not afraid to try different things. I hope to work with him again in the future!