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    About Project Danganronpa: Despair Revival

    Welcome to the official casting call for an unofficial danganronpa spin off!

    First things first - What is Project: Danganronpa? 

    Project Danganronpa is an unofficial fangame being created in the style of a real danganronpa game, with a full six chapters of story, investigation, and class trials. It will be published as if it were a let's play! walk through of a danganronpa game on YouTube. It will include 'interactive' investigations, fully voiced class trials and functional minigames. It's a lot of work, but we have a really passionate team working behind it.

    What is Project: Danganronpa about?

    Project: Danganronpa is set long after the events of Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc and Super Danganronpa 2. As such, it's ties to these games are quite weak, and it can safely function as a stand-alone story. It follows the usual Danganronpa formula - 16 Super High School Level students wake in a strange school with no memory of how they arrived, only to be confronted with a robotic bear that forces them into a killing game. However this killing game is packed with twists and turns, and might very well prove to be more sinister than the ones that came before it...

    This story also heavily revolves around the argument of nature vs nurture. Are people innately bad or good? Can they be changed by their surroundings for better or for worse? Does everyone have an equal chance to become a 'good' person? 

    How much of the project has been completed?

    I'm currently writing the script. In three weeks i've managed to reach the Chapter 2 Class Trial, to give you an idea of my working speed. The story has been completely planned from prologue to epilogue. I've recruited all the artists apart from someone to help with the executions so far. (If you know anyone who could help with this please get them to contact me!)

    Speaking of art - we are currently working on concept art at a rather loose pace to keep our sprite/concept artist not-stressed-out with the workload. Currently two characters are done (as of April 17th). Almost all the backgrounds needed up until Chapter 2 are done. 

    How strict is this project?

    We're not that strict at all! My aim would be to publish 1/3 of a chapter every month, which would hopefully give plenty of time for the CG artists to draw the CGs and the sprite artist to draw any new sprites - as well as giving you, our lovely VAs, time to record. I'm not that harsh on handing in lines late either, although if i notice anyone taking advantage of that i'll have to implement sanctions. 

    What do I need to do to audition?

    I am currently accepting auditions for 14 characters! You can audition for as many of them as you like as of 20/04/18,  which I would advise as we've had lots of applications on Instagram. If you want to send in multiple auditions for the same character, i'm happy to give you feedback so you can improve for your next audition. 

    If you need any help with applying, or have any questions for me, please contact me on Instagram - @/projectdanganronpa is the account i'm managing auditions from!

    Important rules!

    1. It is important to remember this will be a long term project, so you must be willing to commit fully before auditioning

    2. VAs will know what is happening in an upcoming chapter. Everyone will know the victims and killers before the scripts for that chapter are sent out, and  VAs of three certain characters will know important secrets about those characters from the get-go. This means all VAs are going to have to make sure not to spoil anything about a chapter before it's released. In order to make this project fun, things are going to be staying quite secretive.

    3. The only other conditions are the ability to show lots of emotion in your voice, and decent microphone quality.

    4. Also, we will be creating a VA chat on discord, so i strongly recommend you get a discord account in advance, if you don't already 
    5. have one.

    And that's all from me! Good luck with your auditions. Kyukyoku Academy looks forward to welcoming you to it's... special new school year.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold