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    About Pokemon Sword and Shield Dubbed (New Characters!)


    Welcome to the Casting Call page of Pokemon Sword and Shield Dub! 

    What is Pokemon Sword and Shield?

    Pokemon Sword and Shield is the upcoming new game of the Pokemon franchise.

    The description of the game as written on the official website is..

    During your adventure, you will be traveling through the Galar region, where you will find many unique locations, such as huge grassy plains filled with nature and towns and cities where people and Pokémon work and live together!

    Another characteristic part of Galarian culture is the way Pokémon battles are regarded as the most popular form of entertainment across the whole region.

    Challengers face off against the Gym Leaders in Pokémon battles held in the various stadiums found throughout the region. Whenever there is a battle, these stadiums ring with the passionate cheering of large crowds of fans and spectators.

    Is this game even out yet?

    Nope! There's still a little more than one moth until the release. I decided to set the casting call early on to have at least half of the cast, and to make other preparations. The deadline you see is wrong, since Casting Call Club doesn't allow me to put the deadline farther than a month. No one will be cast before the game releases. After November 15th, I'll begin to cast some the characters. You'll hear updates about this topic soon.

    It is now out as of November 15th!

    What about the rest of the characters?

    Only the characters who are officially released by Pokemon is available for now. More characters will definitely be added as other characters release. That means some of the characters might be available after the release of the game, if they decide not to announce them.

    The rest of the characters are now added as of November 16th! Make sure to check them out! Previously added characters will start to close one by one.

    Can I audition for multiple characters?

    Yes! You can absolutely audition for multiple characters!

    Will there be double casting?

    No. There will not be double casting for most of the characters. The only exception is the characters who are under the "extra" category. Voice actors who get a major role can still voice one of those characters.

    What are the requirements?


    Discord will be our main communication source. We will have a server to talk about the project and other things, and you'll receive all of your lines via it.

    Mic Quality.

    Not everyone is professional and not everyone owns the best microphone. I'm totally aware of that. The only thing I ask for you is to have little to no background noise in your audition/s. I want this dub to sound as official as possible, and a decent mic would do the job.


    This is one of the most important requirements. You have to be committed in order to project to move. I'm well aware that everyone has their personal lives. I don't expect you to record massive amount of lines in several days. But know that is will most likely be a long-term project, since you'll receive the lines in parts.


    I guess this goes without saying but be nice to fellow voice actors and staff. We don't need drama in the project and we'll be dealing with it strictly. Keep your offensive jokes and heartbreaking comments to yourself. You're free to share your opinions, just be respectful.

    Contact me:

    If you have any further questions, you can contact me via Discord. PokeDubs#6255

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold