Ryan X. Messcher

Ryan X. Messcher

Voice Actor for Animation, Video Games, and Beyond | Composer for Films and Video Games

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About Ryan X. Messcher

Hi there! My name is Ryan X. Messcher, and I am a professional voice actor and media composer. Feel free to visit my websites to learn more about me. When it comes to voice acting, I'm ready to record! With my broadcast-quality at-home studio, I deliver professional grade audio to a variety of clients. I can be heard across a range of media such as video games, animation, and podcasts. I've been fortunate enough to attend classes taught by some of my heroes, such as Rick Zieff, Crispin Freeman, and Julia Bianco Schoeffling. As a composer, I am honored to have played a part in the production of short films, such as "Recoba," and video games, such as "Desaturation Point." As a graduate of Berklee College of Music's Film Scoring/Video Game Scoring program, I offer years of experience working with fellow creatives. I am well-versed in several Digital Audio Workstations and can record a wide variety of instruments, from piano to banjo! My soundtrack to "Recoba" can be found on all major music streaming services.

Berklee College of Music - 2017

Ear Training

Instructed by Jorrit Dijkstra
Voice Acting Mastery - 2023

Online Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Berklee College of Music - 2018

Elements of Vocal Technique

Instructed by Dale Pfieffer
Boston Casting - 2015

Scene Study

Instructed by Mark Robson
Boston Casting - 2013

On Camera Acting for Teens

Instructed by Lorna J. Brunelle
Boston Casting - 2016

Voice-Over Intensive

Instructed by Rick Zieff
The Halp Network - 2023

The VO Casting Process

Instructed by Julia Bianco Schoeffling
StudioNPC - 2023

Remote Talent 101 (Lecture)

Instructed by Sara Secora
Boston Casting - 2014

Scene Study

Instructed by Fran Weinberg
  • @blustudios

    Ryan is a very talented voice actor! He voices Silver in my Sonic fan series. He knows what he is doing and brings emotion and depth to the character. I highly recommend him for future projects!

  • @mattman

    Very talented with a ton of range. Got the recordings in on time and with high quality. Definitely will be reaching out in the future.