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About Of Cabins and Castles

Welcome all!

   Of Cabins and Castles is a project for young or new creators, unsure how to progress but knowing that they want to build a fantastic world. If this sounds like you, than you are probably a bit like me! Often times, new creators like us get lost in the tide, and when we reach out to bigger projects, we find that most places only seek out brand-names or pre-established empires. 

   However, the goal of this project is to bring together a group of creators to work together on a Youtube series following believable, life-like characters into a grand world of our creation. We will work together to create an audiobook (with visuals) posted to youtube, and funded through Patreon. I am a student myself, and don’t have any extra money to pay anyone directly, but once I know who all is truly interested, I will work out percentage-based contracts with the final crew, meaning that, while early on, not much will be gained, over time as we build a following, youtube ads and Patreon subscribers will pay you back.

   Since I still have your attention, I will introduce the rest of the project. Anyone helping in the writing department will help with creating new characters and guiding the story, all I have at the moment is a general story arch and several base characters and plot-points.

   Artists and animators will do character design, and obviously animation. Because this is very time-consuming, the pay percentage for this type of job will likely be higher. Those details can and will be worked out later.

   Editors will generally be in the sound-department, but also with video editing as needed by the animators. This also is a more difficult job and I want to compensate you guys as much as I am able.

   Voice actors are the final area of need, and I hope to meet other fresh new voices while we go!

   With the business out of the way, let me explain the basics of this world to you. If you are interested in the project, I hope that you are equally interested in the world we will create together.

   I’ll introduce the magic and base plot that I have to build off of. The characters that I have will be in the Casting Call project, and more will be built upon after the team is together.

   In this world, magic works as a part of the body, almost like a third arm. Everyone is born with it to a certain degree, and in rare cases some are born with extreme power or no connection to magic at all. The latter case is considered being crippled, and would be similar to someone born blind or paralyzed in the real world.

   Magic is divided into two categories, Light and Dark. Light includes magic traits like Fire, Air, and Life, while Dark has ones such as Water, Earth, and Necromancy.

   Magic levels go from 0-5. Most humans are born having one or two traits, between the levels of 1-3. Level 4 and 0 are rare, and level 5 happens only once or twice every few generations. Magic must be trained though, but this works similarly to going to the gym to train your muscles.

   Because magic is an integrated part of society, it is not seen as strange or scary. Of course, someone with immense magic power would be scary, but it would be considered the same as meeting a really buff dude in a dark alley.


   Without giving end-game spoilers out to anyone snooping in the future (I see you out there!), this is the general, overall plot I have roaming about my mind. The main character of the early arch, Akira, is a good big brother who takes care of his little sister, Amelia. He teaches her the ‘fun’ parts of being a ranger - Exploring the woods, hunting, swimming, setting traps, and so on - but keeps the messy side to himself, events like near-death experiences with monsters, fights with thugs, and breaking up tavern brawls.

   His strangely balanced life is interrupted by an event, where an organization is setting up temples and totems to transform the beasts of the land into blood-thirsty monsters, no longer seeking survival but instead seeking destruction. And, of course, all along the journey he meets endearing characters, such as the adorable Lupe, or the tough (and probably tsundere) Rudi.

   In the background (likely in short flashback-esc scenes at the end of each episode) A secondary story is taking place, following Athakos’ growth from a young orphan into a dragon-slayer, and eventually king. After a while, this sequence catches up with modern events, and eventually the two stories cross and carry over, leading into the next arch with an even bigger baddie. 

   I have several character-building scenes I specifically want to make happen, but generally the story is very malleable and I can’t wait to work together to create this world! If you have questions or suggestions, email me at patelarson (at, for some reason it won't let me post my email, sorry for any issues!), I will be happy to answer anything! More details will be given upon casting/request. 

The deadline isn't actually that date, I'm just not allowed to make a longer deadline, so I'll probably have to fix that in the future.

Here is the link to the character references!

   All payment will be figured out upon casting. Because I have little money, much of your compensation will come from getting a percentage of money made from youtube ads and Patreon subscriptions. This percentage will be decided based on the total number of people in the final cast, plus the importance of your particular role. Animators, being a very time consuming job, will get a higher percentage.

Extras will be added to the Casting Call as needed, so stay tuned!

Thank you!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold