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Juwan Royal Character Demo 2021

Here's my character demo reel!

  • @radio-squidworks

    It was a blast to work with JRoyalVA!
    Clean audio, great voice work. He submitted his lines promptly, had great communication and took the project and his work very serious. My project wouldn't have been the same without his help.

    I highly recommend him and hope I get the chance to work with him again.

    - Jimi S.
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @cartoonmaderapbattles

    Working with JRoyalVA was an excellent experience! His turnaround time was great, his audio was very well-recorded, and he was extremely pleasant to work with! I can't recommend him enough--he did amazingly well.

  • @gingersid

    JRoyalVA did an outstanding performance for one of the main leads in my project, providing multiple takes and captured the character perfectly in what I needed him to be.

    Easy to work with, open to questions, and delivered his lines a nice and timely manner, I highly recommend working with him!

  • @deckelodeon

    I brought on JRoyalVA as an extra for one of my projects, and he promptly delivered great takes of his lines!