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    About Monster Bae--Paid VN (18+, please!)

    Hello! I've been asked to construct a casting call for a project that I'm voicing for, so here it is!

    The project is called "Monster Bae", and it's a short visual novel/dating sim. Basically, the faceless main character of an unspecified gender is a human who goes on a dating game show called "Monster Bae" in hopes of finding a "monster gf". At the end of the game, you've hopefully found said monster girlfriend. 


    -Decent audio quality


    -Email for contacting if cast

    -The ability to export lines as .ogg

    -Be open to the possibility of getting called back for another round of recording at a much later date

    -Be over the age of 18! You won't be recording anything explicit right now, but the VN will have some NSFW content and if we expand the project, it WILL have explicit contact for you to record.

    Communication is going to be exclusively through email, so you must be prepared to respond in a timely manner via email and deliver audio via email if cast! We're looking at having the project published by the end of the year. It's going to be a free VN, so while they are paying voice actors, it's not as much as we'd like to. You won't be voicing the entire thing, just sounds and a few crucial scenes. The audition lines we have up are not necessarily the ones that will be voiced in the game, but they are from the actual game script. If the project is well-received upon release, we may make an extended version with longer stories and more datable options available for purchase. In this case, you will be contacted again for more work (and paid again, of course), and we will put up more auditionable characters.

    We're also looking for a BG artist; we're setting 40 as the amount payable to the BG artist who gets selected, but any BG artists who get hired will be setting the terms of their payment. More details under the relevant role.

    Something to note; while I may be commenting on auditions to give "good job"s and "oh wow, you sound great"s, I will not be the one personally picking the cast, and no one will be cast until after the deadline has passed. The main project creator will be reviewing each audition after the deadline, and while I may make suggestions, I don't really have final say. I'll just be letting you know you were picked if you're cast! This is for voice actors specifically; if we find a background artist who fits the bill on what we're looking for and our budget, they may be contacted for the job before the posted deadline so that they can get clued in earlier.

    Thank you all, and best of luck!

    About the Creator: SandrinePriceVA

    Banker by day, aspiring VA by night.

    Casting director for Sea Pancake Studios, upcoming VN/game dev.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold