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Adamemeva's Previously Completed Works

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    About Memoirs of the Abyss | Follower & Quest Mod for TESV: Skyrim (Round One)

    Memoirs of the Abyss is an in-development modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, adding the Argonian courier Jeru-Sii into Skyrim alongside a new questline. Inspired by community favourites such as Inigo and Lucien, Jeru-Sii's tale will feature strong writing, quality voice acting and free-form quest design drawn from Obsidian Entertainment titles and Divinity: Original Sin II. Early testing screenshots are available here.

    With this being my first serious mod, I aim to deliver the following features to players;

    • Strong, extensive writing. Characters introduced by the mod will be written as flawed, believable people with their own dreams, fears and worldviews. 
    • A curious and memorable quest. The mod's primary quest chain is set to bring players on a fascinating journey across Skyrim that challenges wit as much as strength. Players will be asked to evaluate clues, decide on which leads to pursue and come to their own conclusions on a quest of mystery and intrigue - and, in turn, live with the consequences.
    • Free-form design and interactivity. Inspired by the works of Obsidian Entertainment and choice-driven RPGS (e.g. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura, Divinity: Original Sin II, Planescape: Torment), players will be provided with as much freedom of choice as possible and be encouraged to roleplay.
    • Voice acting of good quality. A personal gripe of mine with many follower mods available for Skyrim is that the voice-acting within is often of subpar quality. To avoid this, during the casting process, special attention will be paid to the quality of both acting skills and microphone quality.

    Please note that the current list of available roles is not final, and additional roles will be added over time as new characters are written and created. Furthermore, the artwork is not mine or part of the project - the images are being used simply to convey the planned appearance of the character and to give voice actors a visual idea of what sort of character they are.

    -- Audition Requirements --

    > Please ensure that your mic is of at least decent quality. Use of a pop filter will be viewed very favourably. Minimal background noise and clear clarity are great!

    > Please do not place music in your audition. Doing so will result in your audition being declined. 

    > Delivery and realistic expression of emotion will be very highly valued.

    > Provided they are able to meet all other listed requirements, voice acting beginners and novices are welcome! New to voice acting or want some advice? Check out CDawgVA's video here for some pointers.

    --- --- ---

    About the Creator: adamemeva


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