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About Kenesukun

Welcome to my profile!

I’m Kenesu-kun! Ever since I was young, creating and collaborating has been a huge passion for me! I love seeing people from many different backgrounds come together to create something amazing, and being part of that is even more amazing!

If you have a project you think I’d be right for, feel free to contact me here! ^^

  • @mikulover

    Kenesu is a fantastic Voice actor and a pleasure to work with!

  • @karin-heimdahl

    Kenesukun is a talented and dedicated voice actor and a pleasure to communicate and collaborate with!

  • @hurricanepandabear

    Kenesu is an incredibly talented voice actor and vocalist, a pleasure to collaborate with and a pleasure to chat with!

  • @deleted116501

    If you need a villain, this is your guy

  • @thataussieva

    A very talented and capable voice actor and singer. Kenesukun is a wonderful person to collaborate and chat with!

  • @f_t_h

    he has provided some amazing work along with being extremely reliable and has been a continued help to my project.

  • @_vex_

    Kenesukun is a great voice actor and is so very fun to be around! He's active and is always willing to help!

  • @maisie-irene

    Kenesukun is a wonderful person to interact with. On top of that, he sounds wonderful. He slides right into the laid back characters, and can deliver the energy when it's needed.

  • @maybracy

    Ken is super fun to talk to and really nice! Really flexible voice and it's rare to need a retake from him!

  • @deleted116515

    He's pretty cool

  • @deleted51818

    Kenesukun is your guy if you need some great voice work. He also has some musical training if you need it as well. He's prompt and courteous and will you will not be disappointed!

  • @rum

    Extremely talented and very friendly, he creates a great atmosphere and he's an absolute joy to talk to! Absolutely collaborate with him, I can't sing his praises high enough!

  • @amiel1124

    Way better than me at VA, Amazing dude, he's great, funny, and a blast to have on your project.

  • @callyann

    Quick, courteous, and great quality! Thank you so much!

  • @deleted19909

    Very lovely person to work with! Very professional and very flexible! 10/10 would hire again.

  • @caseyva

    Kenesu is extremely talented and very easy to communicate with!

  • @sunshnegirl

    Amazing voice! Very talented. Very happy to be collaborating :D

  • @jeshnyx

    Cast him for a video of mine, and he was very prompt and professional in getting his recording to me, providing me exactly what I needed!

  • @mint-monster-va

    Kenesu is a super talented and a capable VA/Singer. With lots of experience/background in music and theater, he shows a lot of promise and is always eager to learn how to improve his craft! He's a really sweet and considerate guy, too. Super fun to chat and collaborate with! I highly recommend him~

  • @the_conlin

    Provided very quality lines and has some incredible range! Definitely a great person to work with!