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About Mass Effect: Hephaestus [BETA]

Due to a major malfunction with The Sims 2 engine and game on my current computer, I am unable to do any sort of crucial progress. I'm currently using my old laptop, but it's going slowly. The project itself isn't dead. I am still going to proceed with it... but at a slower pace than previously expected. However, as of right now, I'm currently in need of more Extra voices.

This is is going to be a long thread. It will be divided into several topics. I would appreciate if you could take your time into reading each one of them or those who are of your interest and let me know your thoughts down below. You're free to audition as to many characters as you wish.

- Small Introduction
- What is Mass Effect: Hephaestus
- Plans
- How you can help
- Possible future
- The Voice Acting

Small Introduction

Even though this isn't exactly the best place to introduce myself, I'll do so as quickly as I can.

My name is Marco, I am nineteen years old and I'm currently studying Cinema and related Media at a local university. I'm also an editor and I've been editing since late 2006; I even opened a YouTube channel a decade ago where I've posted all sorts of videos and projects. One of these projects was a full-length film that began production in late of 2014. It was inspired by a known and hyped franchise at the time and was finally released in September of last year. You can see some of my works related to the Mass Effect series here.

What is Mass Effect: Hephaestus

Mass Effect: Hephaestus is a full-length film where The Sims 2 and Source Film Maker's engines and resources are used in order to bring it to life. It'll feature a completely new story that shares no connection to the main characters of the original trilogy; the new characters will be fully voiced, both humans and aliens alike with their proper accents and sound editing; an original or familiar soundtrack and some references to the original games and other known properties.

What's the basic premise of this project? It is still raw, but it'll centre itself around a space station that carries around 300 humans was tasked to colonise a new world that is believed to support life. They will inspect and properly engineer the planet, making sure that it will be ready for future generations as Humanity is still expanding itself throughout the Milky Way. Being located rather far from the nearest Mass Relay, the trip itself would take up to a few days, but the station receives a distress signal and decides to go check it out. They find out a scattered a maroon scavenger team that apparently was attacked but could not remember what had happened. They bring the aliens back to their ship and welcome them, but things start heading south from there onward as inexplicable events began unravelling.


As previously mentioned, it is still raw. Only a handful of characters has been creating. Until June a script will be made, and hopefully, the proper development will start around Summer. Even though I successfully managed to complete my previous work and release it, it went through a tough and long process. There was a lack of organisation from the people who took place in it and from my part as well. The script was mostly improvised and divided into chapters to facilitate shootings. I was also still inexperienced and even swapped editing softwares midway. This time around I plan to be more organised, start off by managing a script, handling a team, shoot, editing and wrap it all up. After a year studying, I have learned many new things and plan to use them.

What I require for a team is the following:

- Writers[Required]
I need people who can help me out during the script's development. Help me improve the character's traits, surroundings and the overall feel and logic of the story. With a solid script, the project will reveal a much brighter future.
- Lore Experts[Required]
I'm no expert in the Mass Effect's lore. I know the essentials and perhaps even more than I can imagine, but I need someone to help me keep things in check, to avoid causing plot-holes and holes to the universe itself.
- The Sims 2 Experts[Optional]
People who know how to properly manipulate the game, and provide aid when needed.
- Editors[Optional]
This is optional. I am fully capable of editing the whole project for myself, but having someone more experienced than I am for special additional effects and tips would be a huge improvement.
- SFM Animator[Required]
This one is extremely important. Due to The Sims 2's limitations, I am unable to capture space and the image of a space station floating around. It is possible to do this project without it, but it will certainly underwhelm it.
- Voice Actors[Required]
This one is obvious. I'll require a solid cast for each character even if the cast itself isn't massive. Anyone can join as long as they meet certain requirements.
- Image Editors[Required]
People who can use Photoshop or anything of those sorts would be helpful for posters and any other similar media.
- Testers[Required]
People who can give me their opinions on what has been done so far, point out what they believe is right and wrong and what could be added.

How you can help

This will be a non-profitable piece of fiction. No currency will be made and sorted out regarding the project. But if you are willing to help, you can do easily so. If you meet any of the requirements stated above, please comment down below or send me a note. I also have a Skype and Discord and I'm constantly active there, so feel free to ask me for their tags. I really wish to move on with this project and make it happen'. It would be awesome!

The Voice Acting

Since this project is still at its BETA phase and official shootings won't start until July, I would like to search for actors as soon as possible and keep in contact with them. This way I'll be able to update each person and provide any sorts of questions and important information.

Anyone can audition as long as they believe that they are capable of delivering an acceptable performance. Accents are only guidelines.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold