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About rrybnik

My passion is voicing mods, any and all things Elder Scrolls, and fun machinima. Thanks for visiting! :)

Currently working on the Fallout 4 mod 'Sim Settlements - Conqueror' as Ophelia. (clip)

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  • @ynstbih

    This member is so adaptable, and easy to work with, I can not sing enough praise. If you are casting and you are not sure, I suggest you give her a chance, you will not be disappointed.

  • @khobis

    Rrybnik is a gem in the Elder Scrolls community,

    It is generally a task finding a, female talent more so, with all three angles of the voice-acting triangle: Acting, Accent and Audio (quality).

    Rrybnik also has a beautiful and distinguishable voice, alongside the ability to perform multiple accents (believably) as well as being a genuinely friendly person - she is THE voice actress to work with.

  • @khobis

    Robyn is a wonderful actress, who is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    On being tasked to find our Ophelia,
    I remembered a talented actress from some time back, who I found myself being a part of the same projects, as a fellow voice actor for. Robyn was the first person who came to mind for this role, and so I approached her (this time as a Voice Director) offering the role unconditionally, as I already knew she would do great justice to such a complexly written character.

    Another major appeal with working with Robyn was her rapid turnover time, which made things so much easier for a team such as ours -- who have short deadlines to meet, to provide content for such a large audience. Her ability to hand over voice work, both quick and with quality, as well as her fantastic attitude towards providing additional written voice work, made our objectives much more achievable.

    Being cast with a lead role, which is continually expanding until the chapters of our storyline come to a close -- on our ever expansive Fallout 4 mod: Sim Settlements Conqueror.

    I will not hesitate to offer Robyn any work for any new projects I am directing for in the future.

    Robyn Rybnik as Ophelia:

  • @glenn-bulthuis

    I have too many things that I'd love to say about Robyn. I first met her several months ago when she joined up on the Fallout 4 Mod Project "Sim Settlement: Conqueror." She plays one of the lead characters opposite me and she's been an absolute joy to work with. Very gifted, very professional, and very kind. Furthermore, her talent always forces me to do MY best when I go to the mic and make sure my own work is up to snuff.

    I hope to see her go onto even bigger and better projects in the future and I'll be happy to vouch for her wherever she goes!