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Tickyhead's Previously Completed Works

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    About L4N-X (emergency recasting for LEAD CHARACTER)



    Natalie Wren is your typical college drop-out. She has no idea where her life is going, until one day when she suddenly gets spirited away to outer space by a talking cat that may be the most powerful weapon in the universe: the L4N-X.

     Along with a ragtag crew of space pirates, the only human in spacefaring society and the bioweapon in a cat's body travel the galaxies on far-out adventures, scouring the known universe for clues to an ancient alien race while avoiding the overreaching but inept intergalactic government and a fringe terrorist group that wants the L4N-X for their own nefarious purposes.


    What is this?

    L4N-X is an upcoming Space Opera audio dramedy that is equal parts parody/comedy and deep, dramatic storytelling. The show parodies many common science fiction tropes (and common tropes from other genres as well), but treats the genre(s) with love and affection. This has been a production many years in the making with a few false starts, but I am committed to seeing it through. Currently season one's script is in progress and slated to have more than 20 episodes (many of which are scripted and ready for voices), with a second season in the planning stages. Each episode is roughly 10-20 minutes long.

    The show, while having a very silly premise, is intended for mature audiences and includes (but is not limited to): profuse swearing, references to torture, depictions of violence, and sexual innuendo. You will NEVER have to voice a scene depicting graphic sex or torture of any kind. The topics are only mentioned and are never acted upon, at least no more than the listener implies with their own imagination.

    Currently we are only seeking one (1) emergency recasting for the MAIN CHARACTER, Natalie Wren. I originally played this character myself, but have recently realized that I am not the right fit for the role.

    There will be many roles to fill as the episodes are released and the story progresses, so look out for new auditions continuously!

    Will you pay me?

    Yes! Please bear in mind that this is not yet professional level and I am not a rich producer type, all payment will be made out of my own pocket. Payment will be as follows:

    • Bit parts (1-5 lines) will be paid $5.
    • Secondary characters (single arc characters, bit parts over 5 lines, etc.) will be paid $1 per line or $5 per episode, whichever is higher.
    • Main characters (the protagonists, space pirates, and main villains) will be paid $1 per line or $10 per episode, whichever is higher.

    Payments will be made via paypal, venmo, or whatever the actor's preferred method upon receiving completed lines and retakes.

    Should the production ever be monetized via Kickstarter, Patreon, CDs, etc., you will be compensated further for your time at more professional rates. This can be negotiated if/when it happens.

    What should I do?

    I prefer .wav, but auditions can be in any format as long as I can clearly hear you. Auditions with large amounts of background noise or "fuzz" will not be considered.

    You are encouraged to audition for multiple parts if you have the vocal range, and will be compensated accordingly if you are cast as more than one character.

    Remember that this is a 20+ episode series with a second season already being planned. If you cannot commit to a long-term project, please do not apply for a major recurring role.

    If you have discord, great! We have a server waiting for you! If not, that is ok too. It is not required to be a part of the show.

    Thank you for auditioning!

    ~Asher Tully Paulson, a.k.a. tickyhead

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold