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Just a nerd looking for a way to break into voice acting! I'm always looking for ways to improve, so feel free to shoot a message for a critique.

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    I've been working with Reduxist for, probably, the better part of the 2021 now, having been recruited via Twitter from another friend and voice actor of mine. Since then, we've worked together on about 4 projects since, and am currently working on an ongoing audio-reading. The roles he has played for me have differed vastly, from a Zabrak Jedi Guardian to a Sith Infantryman, from a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin to an Escaped Super Mutant Convict, from a moisture farmer to an American Foreign Exchange student who is fluent in English, Japanese, and basic Czech to top it all off. Along the way, I've gauged a lot about him.

    And what I've gauged is this: He's dedicated to his craft, takes pride in his work, guarantees excellence, quick to provide results upon direction, and has many, many, MANY different voices he can apply to the situation (Seriously, he can voice an entire game by himself.)

    He is always willing to improve upon himself as well, as when it came to speaking Czech in the audio reading, he is not fluent nor knowledgeable - but that didn't stop him from learning both meaning and pronunciation behind the words - and an added bonus? He can do an AWESOME Irish accent.

    And since I'm Irish, that's a big deal.

    He's never had an issue with anything I've assigned to him - and I'm known in circles to never shy away from taboo subjects - and has always played his role to the very letter of realism and has brought to life so many characters for me that, honestly, should alone make him a Triple A voice actor were they not fan projects.

    Suffice to say, Reduxist is perhaps one of the greatest voice actors I've ever had the pleasure to work with, and I've worked with many, many, many. Only a stark few have ever entered such greatness in my eyes, and I continue to look forward to our continued cooperation into the future.