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Tyler At Starboard Game Studios's Previously Completed Works

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About "Hunger Games"/"The Culling" type game , male VA needed

The Game

Hello. I'm currently working on a project inspired by "The Hunger Games", and "The Culling", if you're familiar with either of those or the
battle royale genre.

I'm developing this in a wildly successful and growing young teens and childrens gaming platform called Roblox(due to the massive potential in monetization and retention).

I've been a developer on there and Unreal Engine since early 2010, and although I've never finished any big multiplayer projects this is getting close to finished and is going to go quite far.

At the start of the server, players will be spawned into an underground "lobby", where there will be a training range, and capsules/pods on a track awaiting the next contestants.

Once a minute has elapsed, all the pods will start moving down into the tunnel, and after fading to black the players will be teleported to a private server where the game will commence, raising into the arena in their pod and waiting for the gunshot to sound and the capsule to open. (Much like the hunger games).

The Character

Through certain moments in the game, and in the lobby, we want an announcer to help guide the players and throw in some comedic personality. Here are some examples of the types of characters/voices that would fit/that we're looking for. or Most of all, have fun with it. The character, like those above(most notable the last two), is supposed to be pretty ridiculous and sociopathic sounding, but with an odd charm. And don't feel offended if you're not picked, there are quite a few auditioners via roblox collaboration posts and casting clubs online. Contact Info
Send auditions to tyridge77#5390 on discord, tyridge77 on skype, or
rblx_tyridge77 @ twitter You can also send it here if you prefer. Thanks!
Total Sample Lines
These lines are going to be played as a recording through the speakers in the lobby. You don't need to apply any post processing effects, we'll do that. "Welcome strangers! You've been picked to compete in a battle to the death! How lovely!" "Don't be shy! Hop on in to one of these pods and our not-so certified engineers SHOULD get you to where you need to go!" "If you need more practice, head on down to the training range where you can learn to die less quickly!" "Don't stay around for too long though, there's no way to escape your fate! ... Unless you hit escape, and leave of course.. *ahem*.. but.. we don't talk about that." "This next game is Duo-Survival! Grab a pal, any pal! For all you loners out there, if a partner is not chosen within 30 seconds one will be chosen for you! How nice! See, that's what we're doing here! We're making friends!" Tips: "A good way to win, is to not die!" "Remember to watch out for care packages! They're called care packages because we CARE! Not really!" "Remember, grab everything you can! These lockers aren't going to loot themselves! That'd be utterly confusing and unpleasant! *soft voice, speaking in the background* , hey, hey Harold. Write that down"

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold