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$3/line with a $180 1 hour minimum | Negotiable

  • @xandra

    Jared is providing the voice of Poptart the Mellophonist from our upcoming Otome Game “Band Camp Boyfriend.” Since this is an emotionally demanding role, we requested a few specific changes from his initial audition and some extra line readings. He was very eager to tackle the challenge, submitted lines quickly, and delivered exactly what we had hoped for. We were very impressed by his acting ability and emotional range. Although I have only been working with him a month and am not aware of the full extent of his range, I can confidently vouch for his ability to do convincing younger male voices—not an easy skill to come by. Jared is timely, flexible, enthusiastic, great at taking direction, and a great actor. Highly recommended!

  • @deleted28279

    Jared is an amazingly talented voice actor! He has a great range of voices, very emotive, and delivers his lines quickly! Not only did he help me with multiple supporting roles, but he also saved the day by becoming the lead actor in my project on a very short notice. You're getting a quality actor if you work with him! :)

  • @studio-code-blank

    Jared was a fun person to work with, who completed his work quickly and at top quality. He was responsive to the emails, and let me know if he had any questions or suggestions about the script. He was easy to work with and his voice suited the character he played well. We were happy to have him on board.

    -Animator/Director Kira

  • @meganime2000

    me and Jared haven't been working for so long,but he is one of the nicest people in CCC i have met,there is a lot of characters i can imagine him playing as,because of him playing my show's main character,i can't replace the character's voice,i have the feelings that he really is enjoying doing his roles and he can masters them perfectly,and besides his voice talents and impressions,he really is a good person and it looks like he really cares for the project he's in,i am pretty sure both of us will be working for long and whether it sounds cheesy or not,he made the characters he is voicing more fun and alive,and i enjoy working with him

  • @kawaiiouija

    Jared put out his work extremely fast with great precision! He went above and beyond with the voice acting, even as much as voicing small side roles and extra voices without being told to, leaving less work for me as a director to find more people for these quick roles. I like getting to know the people I am working with and one of my big things while working with someone is getting to hear some little silly bloopers and lines here and there, and Jared gave me plenty of those, keeping me entertained throughout the whole of the audio clips. Great quality sound wise, acting wise, and time wise. All around a great addition to any cast! You'd be lucky to have him on board.

  • @xxsilver146xx

    Jared is difficult to explain in simple terms; he's an outstanding worker and his passion for Voice Acting is clear. He keeps in contact consistently and is very understanding. I've both provided and received voice work from him before. Both his vocal and emotional ranges are outstandingly broad. He's really talented and definitely deserves more recognition in this community for all the hard work that he provides. His mic quality is great, acting is never over dramatic and is more than willing to redo lines however you'd like him to. I've worked with him rather closely for almost over a year now and I'm glad to say I can see how much he's improved and how much I've learned from him.

  • @jazz_stewart

    This kid is hilarious as well. Jared will be my go-to voice for any brotagonist characters I make in the future. Very talented. Keep up the good work Jared.

  • @xandialexander

    Jared has such a variety are voice abilities in acting that it blows my mind in the most amazing way! You should definitely choose him for your projects because hes just outstanding!!

  • @deleted39286

    I worked with Jared for my cartoon series project and he is very fast at getting the lines in and has the perfect voice for one of my characters, the lines are very clear and expressive. Keep up the good work.

  • @deleted91023

    Jared is a great person to work with. He's a very talented individual, as well as professional in the work he produces. If you're looking for a talented, diligent person, then Jared is the person to hire.

  • @aaronisak

    Jared is amazing at what he does!
    Literally, I'm so impressed. He delivers on record time, and the quality of his work never ceases to amaze me. All of his recommendations shouldn't come as a surprise. I don't know what else to say.
    Keep up the good work!

  • @fran_3f

    We cast Jared for the voice of a young beggar in the third and last chapter of Reversion.
    His work was great! We totally recommend him.

  • @mydadisamonkey

    Jared did a great job playing an older female part for me. The guyhas a lot of talent.

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Jared has worked on several of my projects and he's always provided top notch work. He's played people as well as creature voices, has a big range to his skills.

  • @alreadyish

    It took this dude, maybe an hour tops to get me all 22 lines back! Not only that the lines were all perfect! How dose he do it?! Witchcraft???? NO! Pure talent!! I'm positive on that! (if not tell me, i need that coolaid) I really can't wait to start animating/storyboarding to his grate voice performance! If you can snag Jared for a role he's well worth it! He'll do justice to each character he pursues!

  • @02aya

    This voice actor is PHENOMINAL. He prioritizes works assigned to him. Quick + precise with great results. He definitely respects your opinion, and will apply your feedback. This is one talented actor. You will never regret his assistance : )

  • @02aya

    First off: JARED IS AMAZING.
    He first voiced a main side character for me in a previous animated drama. His work was sent to me quick, but not slacking at all. He was very professional precise, so I did not hesitate casting him as that same character again, but this time as the main role. Again I wasn't disappointed at all. Rather, I was impressed all over again!
    It had worried me a little that I'd written his character both feeling and expressing different things than in the previous drama. Jared destroyed all traces of doubt. Still quick, professional, and VERY precise to his character. So much raw emotion was felt from his character. Everyone I've shown the finished animated drama have voiced wrestling not to cry. Casting him as a main character was probably the best decision I've ever made as a producer and writer. Would never hesitate to recommend this voice actor.

  • @cmea

    Jared's range of voice is superb and his enthusiasm shows through his acting. Despite voicing a minor character in my series, his performance stood out in a crowd of talented people, so I can't go without recommending his work enough!