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Adginfal's Previously Completed Works

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About Hikers Woe

Warning: This Book is Horror and some people might find the Gruesome murders and Bodies extremely offensive so view at your own risk. please be 16+ when Auditioning. This is A book I wrote that I want to turn into a VO manga series. The story is about a Man named Hiker, He is 34 Years old, and is Suffering with depression. He is the lead detective for the Police department in Montana His partners name is,  Paisley She is 20 years old and is a brand new detective for the police force. She is spunk and aggravated every time Hiker does something to his own accord. She is spunky and quick witted, but is a novice when it comes to the world. There goal is going to be to stop A serial killer who is on the lose killing 3 people a week .Will they be able to stop them, or will they be defeated.  https://discord.gg/HCTCTguxFN This is the  discord that we will be using if you would like to join and be apart of the community, I am adjusting a bunch of stuff in the server so its not 100% complete but it is almost there, I will also be posting a bunch of other projects I have in mind, so everyone can look at them and see if they are interested.

About the Creator: adginfal

Hello, My name is Adginfal. I do Voice acting and a lot of story writing. I would love to create manga's With Voice actors and drawers, I hope everything will turn out amazing. Also If you have any question Arikthel#1039 this is my discord.

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